Top 10 Best News & Magazines Mobile Apps in India 2023

Top 10 Best News & Magazines Mobile Apps in India 2023

Reading newspapers and periodicals is among the most common and necessary items in our everyday life. Publishers of newspapers and magazines are finding it challenging to keep up with the pace because of this. Publishers must accept change and embrace mobile. One of the traditional ways of obtaining news in today’s busy society is reading newspapers. The revised information is outdated the following day because it is produced every minute and distributed by TV, music, and the internet. 

News App Themes for Magazine Publishers from PressPad

Newspaper printing and sales pose such a challenge to the publishing sector today. As a result, readers of magazines and newspapers are shifting to reading news on their smartphones and tablets. The web apps’ business models are pretty straightforward and lucrative. They run advertisements and make a sizable profit.

Here are a few incredible things that news and magazine apps provide:

User Experience

The classic adage “initial impressions last” applies here. Therefore, the developer must ensure that the application will have an impact on its users. You should concentrate on incorporating interactive, visual, and architectural ideas at this point. It implies that the information should be dispersed throughout the app so as not to appear crammed into the screen.

Filter content

4 best tips: How EPAPER Apps Can Enhance Your Digital Magazines

To cater to the audience’s diverse tastes and sensitivities, the app should include the opportunity to filter material based on several categories. For users to read the news that interests them.

Convenient offline access

A user should have an internet connection even if they are not online for some other reason. The news material is downloaded into the app’s cache memory when the user is online, allowing offline access.

Incorporating social media

Thanks to this, users will be able to share news on multiple platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. It will not only provide a fantastic user experience, but it will also boost views.

Premium material

You can establish a separate area for the paid content if you like, and only your most valuable customers will be able to access it.

Biggest websites for news US: Top 50 for September 2022

If these characteristics are taken into consideration, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic news app that will assist consumers in receiving real-time updates.

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1. DailyHunt

Dailyhunt Collaborates With LinkedIn To Bring Users Curated News Insights

One of India’s most well-known news search apps, DailyHunt, allows you to access hyperlocal news quickly. It brings the most recent news and updates about politics, local papers, health, technology, and much more to you for free, covering a significant portion of the nation from North to South, East to West.

And over 2600 media partners contributed specific content to Dailyhunt, which is available in more than 14 Indian languages, including Hindi and English. It gives readers news about their town, district, and events in the metropolis and the country.

“Aur Kya Chal Raha Hai” is the tagline.

4.4 out of 5 rating stars on Google Play Store.

Our Favorite Things About DailyHunt:

  • The Dailyhunt app instantly provides you with local news.

  • It emphasizes news from every region of the nation.

  • The use of this software is free.

  • The Google Play Store and the App Store both sell it.

2. InShorts

Inshorts launches location-based social network Public

One of the best news applications we may use anywhere is the Inshorts app. It chooses the most important news stories for you daily and gives you a concise 60-word report that includes all the pertinent information. The app’s news format includes only the most essential details and summaries. This app is one of the main sites for daily news because it also makes sure that it just provides information and no opinion.

One of the most significant daily news applications, it provides the most recent information across all categories based on user choices. This is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Inshorts has a distinctive approach to reporting the news. It selects the most exciting and current information from a range of sources. The entire content is then summarised and presented to users. The consumers find it easier to read the story’s condensed form.

“Short mein jaano,” the tagline.

4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

What Roaming Shorts Do We Like?

  • It offers a 60-word summary of each news bulletin.

  • The application makes sure that it just includes information and excludes opinions.

  • Anyone can use it for nothing.

  • Both iOS and Android users can download the app through the App Store.


Explained | The bitter takeover battle between Adani and NDTV

The best substitute offered by the NDTV media outlet is the NDTV app, which is expanding quickly in this market. The mission of National Delhi Television Ltd, also known as NDTV, is to offer viewers the best and most unique news updates every day. It is a website where you can quickly obtain news from around the globe.

The most renowned journalist Radhika Roy began this business in 1998, and since then, it has become one of the most reliable and well-established news sources on a global scale. NDTV offers informative insights on a variety of topics, including those about business, sports, and food.

Through the app, users can conveniently keep up with the stock markets. Concerned with the outcome of the election? That is also addressed live.

“Fight for Change” is the motto.

4 out of 5 rating stars on the Google Play Store.

What About NDTV Do do We Like it?

  • The app ensures that all the news it provides is founded purely on facts.

  • It is accessible on Android and iOS devices, and a survey found that 76% of the population trusts NDTV for all breaking news.

4. Google News

How to Get Your Website Listed in Google News

The Google News Application is a personalized news aggregator that emphasizes all the major international news and arranges it so that you can easily find more articles on subjects that interest you. You may stay informed with this app’s most recent, exclusive news, including information on politics, sports, lifestyle, fashion, and health.

“Don’t be wicked,” says the Google Private Limited tagline.

Ratings are 4.2 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

What Roles Do We Play in Google News?

  • Google News advertises that by registering for this program, you can subscribe to well-known periodicals and read the most recent issues before they are released.

  • You can also bookmark items so that you really can read them later on without Internet access.

  • It is accessible on both iOS and PlayStore.

  • The program is incredibly dependable.

5. Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak LIVE: PM Modi | Ayodhya deepotsav 2022 | CM Yogi | India VS Pakistan LIVE Updates | Aaj Tak - YouTube

The Aaj Tak apps and Aaj Tak are two of India’s most popular news sources. Their app offers the latest news from all across the world, much like the station.

This software is more than just a news app; it also lets you watch live Television to keep up with Everything that’s happening in the world. This app keeps you updated on all breaking news notifications so that you won’t miss any critical information even if you’re not using the app. The primary news channel in India is Aaj Tak. With this Android app, you may access Live TV streaming, Indian news, breaking news notifications, and more.

“We are here to help,” the tagline reads.

4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

What Pleasures Us About Aaj Tak?

  • It is simple to use, based on facts, available across all platforms, and free to use.

6. NewsPoint

NewsPoint App - Get 20 Token On SignUp & 30 Tokens/Referral | Amazon Paytm Giftcard

One of the most talked-about and well-liked news applications, it gives you access to all the most recent, trending news updates. Another excellent regional news app provides news from virtually every region of India, from the smallest towns to the largest cities.

This app is a terrific way to stay informed about all important events in the country and includes news from all tiny towns across the country.

The vast selection of languages is among the most essential features of this program, which has many other notable features. Nearly all regional languages are available for selection, including Marathi, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kerala, Kannada, Bengali, Urdu, Assamese, and many others.

The Times Network’s tagline is “EverythingEverything. Everyday.”

Ratings are 3.9 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

Why Do We Enjoy NewsPoint?

  • You may find it on the android market and IOS.

  • It supports a wide variety of regional languages.

  • It offers a delightful and personalized sensation while using this app.

  • Very simple to use.

7. Jio News

JioNews Makes Its Way to Jio Set-Top Box

Jio News is a popular media application for both Apple and Android phones. The app offers periodicals, Live TV, newspapers, and breaking news updates in the user’s preferred language. The app compiles news from reliable news sources, like more than 250 online publications, 190+ news networks, 800 periodicals, and additional information and updates from various websites. With this program, you can read anything you want in much more than 12 multiple languages.

One of the top news applications for India that is free to download. Its platform also provides news about sports, health, and a lot more. The app is available for free downloading from the App Store or Google Play Store.

“Jio-Jee-Bhar-Ke” is a Times Network catchphrase.

4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

What Makes Jio News Popular?

  • The app gives you access to all the most recent updates and breaking news.

  • It aggregates content from more than 250 online newspapers and is available in 12 different languages.

  • It is among the most widely used news applications in the nation.

8. FirstPost

When it pertains to online sources of news or applications, the FirstPost app should be commended. This app is India’s most complete digital news platform with all the most recent, exclusive news and information. The app is available for free download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

“Jio-Jee-Bhar-Ke” is a Times Network catchphrase.

4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

What Makes Jio News Popular?

  • The app gives you access to all the most recent updates and breaking news.

  • It aggregates content from more than 250 online newspapers and is available in 12 different languages.

  • It is among the most widely used news applications in the nation.

9. Times of India

News by The Times of India MOD APK (Prime Unlocked) for Android

The Times of India mobile website is among the most reputable news apps. It ensures that every one of its devoted viewers is provided with all the information they need in simple terms. This software offers concise articles that are skillfully crafted to cover all the crucial details and are straightforward enough to make them simple and understandable in just a few seconds.

There will be 14 languages available for you to choose from, including English and regional Indian languages. Everyone who uses this app receives a tailored feed depending on their preferred languages. You are notified every day and evening to ensure you don’t skip any crucial deadlines.

The app includes news from around the world in several categories, including technology, education, travel, and more. The essays are brief and to the point. There is a bookmark feature as well.

Users of the TOI app can even control the timing and quantity of their messages and customize how often they receive them.

“Let the Truth Prevail,” reads the tagline.

Ratings are 4.1 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

What Makes Times of India Favorable to Us?

  • With the help of this app, you may read tales offline and save them for later reading.

  • It is possible to share educational stories with your contact list via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

10. Opera News

Opera News becomes the most popular news app in the world - Blog | Opera Mobile

Opera News is the best option if you’re looking to get free news apps for Android. It can give you access to trending news, videos, and real-time information at your fingertips because it is free, quick, and personalized. In addition to English, the app also supports Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Karnataka, Telugu, Marathi, and other languages.

It is known to be one of the most significant news apps on iOS and Android due to its personalized and tailored news features. Additionally, important data is saved, and you can read your favorite tales offline.

The tagline is “Web browser for real you,” according to Opera Networks.

4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

What About Opera News Do We Like it?

  • The software is quick and completely free to use.

  • It is among the most widely used news apps for mobile devices and is accessible in various Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Karnataka, Telugu, and Marathi.

Why Should You Invest in a News App for Your Online Magazine?

Nowadays, almost all newspaper organizations have a mobile app to retain their current subscribers and attract new ones. They are also employed to bolster businesses with online advertisements. About magazines, they have also added the use of mobile apps to provide their readers with a trouble-free, smooth, and engaging reading experience.

Excellent user interface

A news app typically has a decent user experience that is appealing, engaging, and simple. Users can mark specific areas and save the text for later reading using such an interface, which streamlines their search options. Any news app can have more appealing features. The software allows users to display pertinent video, audio, and image data in addition to published content articles, further enticing consumers.

The news’s content can be changed to suit requirements. The current information that is making headlines can be featured in the news app by being highlighted on the front page. Users are sure to experience a terrific reading style if they imbue the news app’s user interface with rich material.

Creating income through a new channel

4 of the Best News Apps for Android

Any news magazine, whether it has a physical or digital presence, offers several ways to increase revenue, including subscriptions, paid articles, and advertisements, to mention a few. The number of readers directly relates to the amount of money made. In the middle of the smartphone craze, it is essential to analyze the situation about turning news applications into a new reliable source of income. It is common for users of news apps to seek out these apps to engage with quality material relevant to their tastes.

It should be mentioned that banner adverts do not captivate readers and are generally avoided. Since people are more interested in the news than in pop-up adverts, it is advisable to avoid them.

The news app makes sure that its customers enjoy reading while also displaying the advertisements in a way that doesn’t annoy them or distract their attention from the material they are reading.

Notifications through Push

Got Issues? If Not, Get One of These Magazine Reader Apps – Review Geek

Regarding magazines, consumers can access digital or printed versions as they see fit. However, the push notification feature can be activated to notify users of any essential news or topical topics if online publications are incorporated as news apps. Users can also enable or disable these notification features. News applications are the sole method that includes these aspects to draw in its readership.

Concerning social media

Customers who read the newspaper are typically devoted customers. Social networking is the answer to this problem for promoting the app, as it can reach the world at large and increase the user base. Social media branding for the app might attract a lot of users.

In addition, some news can be shared and shown on social media by individuals using news apps. As a result, consumers become more interested in the magazine, boosting readership and raising magazine sales.

This just in: 5 news apps to keep you in the know - Android Apps on Google Play

Easy Navigation

Like periodicals, the primary objective is to give readers some interesting, current news related to their wants. The reader can choose from any of the groups that have been made in the news app. As a result, a hub where users may access content from all categories is developed.

The linked articles can be highlighted at the bottom of a news story with the use of news apps, and breaking news and streaming videos can be placed so that app users can readily access them.

To advertise the digital journal and make sure that the app reaches out to and captivates people around the world, the elements mentioned above can be incorporated into a news app. In summary, developing a mobile news app is not difficult, thanks to the modern technologies on the iOS and Android platforms.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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