Mumbai Based The Clothing Rental Expands Its Digital Presence and Now Serves PAN India

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The Clothing Rental has already delivered to Delhi, Noida, Haryana, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Udaipur, Raipur, Jaipur and continues to deliver their fashion finds pan India.

Global retail trend of shuttering down the brick and mortar shops to focus on e-commerce platforms seems to be working well in India as well. Young brands are moving away from physical expansion and choosing to move into the digital direction.
Costs of operations, rental cost of location, salaries and other costs associated with a physical location can get quite high and in a model where the brand rents instead of selling their merchandise, digital growth does seem like a smart choice.
Mumbai based ‘The Clothing Rental’ has been around for over a decade pioneering the concept of a shared economy, reducing the need for expensive purchases and making high fashion affordable, liked by the celebrities and fashionistas the brand continues to expand into B2C consumer segment. Focusing on building it’s digital presence.
“We can cater to any location in India and possibly internationally too, just the logistics of International shipment don’t make commercial sense for the business model” says Shilpa Bhatia, founder and director of marketing at The Clothing Rental.
The brand has catered to remote locations where many e-commerce companies fall short, i.e. a Swiss client was denied delivery from another website and The Clothing Rental jumped in and gave an extremely personalized service to the consumer’s delight.
“Often times our online consumer has questions and writes in to us, we work with them via mail, phone calls or whatsapp in order to assist them with a dream outfit. There is a lot of hand holding in a rental model, explaining what they receive and how the process works can be tricky for many to understand,” says Manisha Dangle from the logistics and customer support team.
The Clothing Rental has already delivered to Delhi, Noida, Haryana, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Udaipur, Raipur, Jaipur and continues to deliver their fashion finds pan India.
Focusing on building an online presence the brand invests in the website and app development. New collections are added constantly and the brand stays ahead of the curve by keeping themselves abreast with the digital trends.
With an eCommerce portal, The Clothing Rental also has 2 offline stores in Mumbai.
When asking about the company’s competition with other players, Shilpa added, “We work for a cause, we enjoy what we do, we have fun with our employees and our clients. We make relationships that last a long time. As the main goal is to have fun with clothes and not just chase profits, it’s a  fairly unique strategy. We aren’t competing, we are just being ourselves and constantly learning and improving ourselves. We are enjoying the journey and not really getting worked up looking at the competition. Passion in work shows in our products and services.”
Along running the ‘The Clothing Rental’ successfully in India, serial entrepreneur Shilpa Bhatia has also come up with another startup – Terra Inde in USA.
Aimed at keeping alive the human element in this fast paced digital age, Terra Inde is holding on strongly to the traditional ways of doing things in the modern society. Curating products as pieces of art, Terra Inde aims at bridging the gap of mainstream with Creative artisans.
The name Terra Inde is all about honoring ancient civilizations and the craftsmanship. ‘Terra’ is land and ‘Inde’ is Indus, civilizations that flourished around the Indus Valley. Revisiting and repackaging the past for the modern day.
Bringing products from remote corners of the world and offering some which can be made to measure. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Unlike the fast fashion businesses that survive on high volume, Terra Inde is aimed at racing to the top and offering great quality, great product at a great price.
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Source: BW Disrupt

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