Top 10 Best PR Agencies In India 2022

Top 10 Best PR Agencies In India 2022

An organization needs to be omnipresent in every possible channel if it wants to stand out in a highly cluttered market space. The number of brands has overgrown over the last two decades, increasing the demand for Public Relations services.

PR agencies can help you build a positive reputation in the market regardless of whether your business is established or a startup. Besides making your brand’s image, Public Relations also comes to your rescue in times of crisis.
To maintain the brand’s image and enhance visibility, almost every business requires Public Relations services. The positive approach of PR agencies improves trust and helps brands build a positive reputation.


What Does PR Mean for Tech? - Evolved Media
Mad Men is the only thing that most people know of PR. Most people have a vague understanding of what public relations are and even a limited knowledge of what goes into it and its benefits. The majority, however, do not understand its true impact.

Public Relations is an excellent strategy for building a solid online reputation and complementing marketing strategies. Businesses aware of this are doing a much better job of staying on top of their PR strategies and are seeing significantly better returns.

A company’s reputation is built by sending the right messages to the right people in the right places. PR agencies assist their clients in promoting themselves within their industry and assist them in reaching their goals. Public relations has the potential to transform a company’s profitability and future. The proper use of PR can allow a company to overcome most obstacles that it may encounter. The importance of PR can be seen in this aspect. The following are some of the best PR agencies in India looking to outsource your PR services.


Top 10 Best PR Agencies in India 2022

Genesis Burson- Marsteller rebrands as Genesis BCW - YouTube

1.  India PR Distribution

India PR Distribution is a trusted name when it comes to economical press release distribution services. In a short span of 4 years, India PR Distribution (IPD) has become one of the most popular online PR services for startups, artists, corporates, and SMEs in India and abroad. IPD offers both online and print press release packages, including coverage in Premium Publications, TV Stations, and Print Magazines.

IPD was formed with an aim to provide the most comprehensive Press Release submission services to clients who are looking for media coverage. India PR Distribution was one of the first PR agency in India to launch organic Press Release packages at a competitive cost. IPD has won numerous awards including top 25 Trust PR agency in 2020, Top 10 PR agencies to watch out for in 2022. IPD campaigns were recently awarded the ‘Trusted Badge’ by a leading branding certification agency.

Most Press release distribution companies charge additional fee for small features such as extra image, wordcount, annual membership fee, registration fee, and so on. India PR Distribution doesn’t require you to register and has no membership fees.  You can include 3 to 4 images and one YouTube link in your press release for no additional charge.

The innovative approach followed by India PR Distribution ensures maximum media pickups. We compared several Indian PR distribution companies and decided India PR Distribution was among the best Press Release Distribution Service for the Indian market. Their pricing is fair, their reach is impressive, and they are very transparent about what they offer. Visit for more details on the press release packages that IPD provides.


2. Genesis Burson-Marsteller

About – With its headquarters in New York and offices in 110 countries across six continents, Burson-Marstellar is one of the world’s leading public relations and communications firms. The creativity and imagination of Genesis Burson-Marstellar have set excellent benchmarks for the last 25 years. India’s best companies worldwide rely on them for integrated communication services. Using evidence-based, idea-driven and result-oriented campaigns, they focus on delivering measurable results.

Services – Public Relations, Public Affairs, Business Divisions

Founding Year – 1953


ADFACTORS PR PVT LTD Photos and Images, Office Photos, Campus Images | Photo Gallery -

3. Adfactors PR

About – Adfactors PR is one of Asia’s Top 10 PR Consultancies and a multi-specialized agency offering full-service press releases. Adfactors PR serves clients in over 40 cities across India. Among their clients are financial institutions, corporations, and conglomerates. The company provides customized PR solutions based on client needs.

Services – Public Affairs, Crisis Communications, Banking & Financial Services, Corporate Reputation, and Capital Market Communications.

Founding Year  1997


Design for WE Communications | Morgan Garduno — Morgan Garduno

4. Waggener Edstrom

About – One of the world’s most important communication and PR agencies is Waggener Edstrom. In technology, health, and consumer management, more than 1,000 experts work there. Storytellers, strategists, data scientists, writers, filmmakers and social media experts make up the global team. They understand how to unlock a brand’s potential and create unique campaigns that help businesses succeed.

Services – Strategic Planning, Insight & Analytics, Crisis Management, Branding & Platform Development, and Corporate Communications.

Founding Year – 1983


Edelman PR Profile Public Relations Agency - Everything PR

5. Edelman

About – Worldwide leading businesses & organizations are partners of Edelman’s global communications & marketing firm. Engaging audiences overtime to earn trust is at the core of the company’s proven strategy. Their services include traditional and enhanced PR and digital strategies and campaigns. Furthermore, the team consists of strategists, creators, and counsellors with in-depth expertise in markets and cultures.

Services – Brand Journalism, Business Transformation, Crisis & Reputation Risk, Performance Marketing, Media Relations & Public Affairs.

Founding Year – 1952


File:Weber Shandwick Logo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

6. Weber Shandwick

About – An international company with over 17 years of experience in public relations. PR Forums consistently recognizes the company’s storytelling and campaign planning expertise. Their clients include several Indian and multinational corporations; they deliver strategic, creative, and impactful campaigns.

Services – Business and Consumer Marketing, Corporate Communications, Financial Services, Conflict Management, Crisis Management, and Media Training.

Founding Year – 2001


Perfect Relations Wins Big at the 2014 Sabre Awards

7. Perfect Relations

Image management and communications firm Perfect Relations is based in South Asia. For Indian and international corporations, they are the most valuable source of business policy and communications advice today. Brands’ requirements for creating integrated campaigns to cultivate brand awareness are constructed, communicated, and cultivated. In addition to office locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, the company has offices in 14 additional cities.

Services – Advisory & Consulting Services, Public Affairs & Government Relations, Investor Relations, & Social Media Management & Networking and Organizational Communications Consulting.

Founding Year – 1992


MSLGROUP Launches Fifth Annual Cause Initiative Offering Pro Bono Services To New York Non-Profit


With global expansion, MSL is a public relations and integrated communications company. In addition to providing strategic counsel, they provide creative thinking to help build brands. To build influence and deliver impact, they create and execute insightful campaigns. Combination and acquisition are the building blocks of this agency. Influencing & delivering impact, they stand out in the crowd.

Services – Reputation Management & Corporate Communications. Crisis & Issues Management, Employee Communications, Financial Communications, Policy & Regulatory Communications & Consumer Marketing.

Founding Year – 1989


Best PR Agencies in India 2021 | List of 45 Top PR Agencies

9. Avian Media

About – Avian Media is an Indian public relations company with offices in New Delhi. The company provides a wide range of communications services. To foster their clients for life, they adhere to the maxim, “Through Excellence in Advocacy, Foster Clients For Life.” They place a special emphasis on three pillars of business sustainability: People First, Clients for Life & Business Sustainability.

Services – Public relations, public affairs, social & digital, content creation and storytelling, corporate social responsibility and advocacy, crisis management, financial, and corporate services.

Founding Year – 2004


Value 360 Communications forays into Singapore | PR | Campaign India

10. Value 360

About – New Delhi-based Value 360 Communications specializes in public relations. It Establishes early-stage companies with a laser focus. The company’s goal is to deliver practical and measurable integrated communication programs. In total, Value 360 has worked with more than 100 brands worldwide to achieve their corporate communication goals.

Services – Strategic Counselling, Digital Influence, Crisis Communications. Reputation Management, Investor Relations, Social Media & Corporate Counselling.

Founding Year – 2003


Best PR Agencies in India 2021 | List of 45 Top PR Agencies


In 2022, PR will have four significant effects on marketing

What is Public Relations all about? - Reputation Today


No matter which industry you are in, trust plays a crucial role in determining success. A company that lacks trust loses the opportunity to sell its products and services. An organization can hire a public relations professional to bridge the trust gap between its potential customers or clients. The expert works to increase their credibility and overall reputation to increase their credibility within their field. This is often accomplished by creating thought leadership pieces, making connections with influencers, and hosting networking events.


Marketing and PR go hand in hand. Through various unique PR practices, a company can enhance its reputation and attract new potential customers. Business stories and press releases will make it easier for customers and clients to interact with the company. To accomplish this, public relations agencies help organizations craft messages that resonate with their target audience. This ultimately leads to higher profits.


In the online world, people can post whatever they like about businesses, true or false, with very little control over what they say. A significant number of businesses do not deserve their bad reputation, while others cannot easily reach their intended markets via the internet. Neither situation is ideal. By implementing PR campaigns, that can be fixed most effectively. Having a PR campaign and a strong image that resonates with consumers is essential to increasing brand awareness. Messages that come from an objective source are more likely to be heard than those purchased. A PR agency can gain its trust by leveraging its connections with influencers.


The world is becoming increasingly digital, and PR aids in creating a strong online presence for companies that is highly visible to their target audience. Businesses work with PR firms to help them market themselves online. Furthermore, they are always prepared to step in if a disaster occurs or something threatens to compromise the image they have built. An experienced public relations professional can use their connections in the industry to help a company use the right channels to spread its message.

PR companies help their clients strengthen their brand image and increase their profitability by using tools such as press releases, social media, and influencer connections with content-publishing sites. In addition, they can also be used to overcome potential challenges a company might face. Today’s brands have a much greater chance of reaching the right audience if they have the right PR company assisting them.


India’s PR Evolution

THINK Public Relations - ppt download
Public relations arose as an industry during the globalization of the Indian economy during the 1990s. The mid-1990s saw the rapid growth of global corporations, making a foreign investment an increasingly attractive proposition. Organizations felt that building their reputations was essential for access to market and customers after the market became unexpectedly competitive.

Thus, India developed a growing industry of Public Relations and PR agencies. The Indian PR industry is still nascent, so numerous agencies have taken advantage of this to provide integrated solutions, especially since the lines between marketing, advertising, and digital marketing are becoming increasingly blurred.

Thus, PR agencies have become increasingly popular with organizations. The evolution of the PR industry has been facilitated by financial-savvy communication plans involving advertising, PR, and digital media. The mission of public relations (PR) is to communicate the right message to the right individuals at the right time to create a strong brand reputation.

Public relations has the power to transform profitability completely and ultimate destiny.
Brands need to be present on every possible channel in a competitive market space to capture attention. Over the past two decades, competition has increased dramatically, and as a result, PR services are required immediately. According to market research firms, public relations will reach $97.13 billion by 2021, growing by 10.2% in compound annual terms.

Additionally, it is projected that the market will reach $129.35 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 7.4%. PR as an industry is growing at an impressive rate! A positive brand image is maintained, and visibility is increased through PR services. To execute your PR plan, you should partner with a PR agency.


The importance of P.R. increased during COVID-19.

We are adapting to the new norms. As opposed to being an empty cliche, COVID-19 has truly changed the world in which we live.
I am writing to you from my new home office, one of many companies that have gone remote.

According to Stephen Waddington, our society has experienced such a seismic shift that we may consider it a case of B.C. (Before Covid) and A.C. (After Covid).

The Public Relations Professional's Tech Toolbox - Cogniview - Manage Expectations With A PDF to Excel Converter

Business in general and P.R., in particular, are undergoing an evolutionary phase. To cut costs, brands are rethinking how to reach their target audiences by cutting marketing budgets. The time is right for PR to become a leader, with some thoughtful positioning.
No need to worry if you’re having a hard time getting your boss to see the value in your work. In the event of an illness, P.R. became vital because of the following reasons:

1. PR can navigate a crisis

A harsh year for PR agencies has not stopped in-house teams from excelling; they’ve been giving interviews, adjusting messaging, writing crisis communication plans and keeping customers at ease. PR teams have played an increasingly important role for businesses after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Without a good communications professional, a company has struggled, realizing that crisis communications are no small matter. Some industries were devastated by COVID.
Survival brought more demands, more criticism, more fame, and greater attention to business practices for those that survived.

We need a PR team now more than ever since we need to navigate these complicated waters. PR could help companies prepare for and survive climate change if the pandemic was the dress rehearsal.


2. PR agencies are cost-effective
In every industry, the Coronavirus outbreak has positively and negatively impacted marketing budgets. PPC has been more successful in some industries, like apparel, nonprofits, healthcare, hobbies & leisure, while the majority has seen their campaigns lose efficiency and become more expensive.

Many companies cut marketing budgets as a response. During the 2020 marketing year, Airbnb, for example, pulled $800 million out of their budget. Furthermore, big PPC companies like Facebook and Google have lost trust for quite some time now. A brand wants to reach its audience without financing powerful, shady tech companies.
PR, the more cost-effective cousin of advertising, thus makes sense.

Those in PR will have to convince firms that the pandemic is worth investing in following the pandemic. Reaching your audience through free media coverage will be most cost-effective. Press releases written for editorial and social media can raise millions (if done right).


3. PR strengthens relationships
During the pandemic, PR’s main strength was building relationships.
Developing and distributing vaccines would not have been possible without international cooperation.

PR professionals understand that the best way to handle a crisis is to foster cooperation rather than jump to blame. Agencies and clients who experience difficulty improve their relationship tenfold, demonstrating your credibility as a trustworthy partner.

Relationships within the company are also affected by that. Collaboration between departments has increased at COVID. Having PR, marketing, social media, and digital work together has proven a winning formula.


4. PR builds trust
Relationships are built around trust, a company’s most valuable asset, which PR excels at gaining. Sixty-two per cent of respondents said the country could not survive this crisis without brands playing a crucial role; the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that brands could do more for society.

That means solving problems (like where medical workers are housed) and thinking about the community’s interests (finding out how beneficial products and services are).
Companies could reap dividends from how PR steers (trustworthy) behaviour during the pandemic. During this period, those with the leadership to act have strengthened their consumer relationships.

Amid the pandemic, it was essential to adapt to changing public opinion. Some big companies have asked for government support here in the Netherlands, where we are based, despite years of massive profits and stock buybacks totalling billions of dollars. Communicators must take the lead in (re)building trust with the public and communicate their concerns to management so that unethical, greedy actions are not repeated.


5. PR aids remote working.
In the aftermath of the pandemic, internal PR agencies gained importance. In parts of the world where the virulent virus was still raging, internal communications have become one of the mainstays for communications teams.

Customers will no longer receive daily crisis communications in the coming years, but remote work will remain. PR agencies can assist organizations with internal communication, such as onboarding staff remotely and creating online workflows that keep their team happy.

The pandemic has greatly benefited virtual agencies. We are suddenly separated from each other may seem ironic for a business that relies on relationships. Still, virtual agencies are already on the rise due to cost concerns. UK communications leaders who use a virtual PR agency have risen to 100%. The low prices of remote PR agencies are such a novelty that procurement departments may be hard-pressed to imagine paying for the overhead of a traditional PR agency.



Careers In Public Relations (PR): Courses, Jobs, Salary
By utilizing a PR agency, you will build meaningful connections with the public to exponentially grow your company. To build a strong relationship with the media and boost the image of your company, hiring a PR agency is essential. Here are the top 10 PR agencies that will help you find a partner who can help you create a positive brand identity.

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