Top 10 Best Talent Management Software Systems in India in 2022

Top 10 Best Talent Management Software Systems in India in 2022


The Most Effective Talent Management software (TMS)

Organizational talent management is critical. Aligning human resources with its entire business strategy is essential to its success.

This integration has become even more critical with shifting workforce demographics, globalization, and skill shortages.

Managing your core human resource needs should be an essential aspect of your entire business plan. Using talent management software, HR organizations can manage necessary talent more efficiently.

In this post, we will define talent management and review some talent management software that can assist you in appropriately managing your personnel.


What Is Talent Management and How Does It Work?

Human resource management includes talent management. The word relates to an organization’s required human capital requirements.

This procedure involves a series of tasks that can be divided into five categories:

  • Planning: Establishing a personnel strategy by identifying open positions and defining essential responsibilities and job descriptions.
  • Using traditional and digital media to attract candidates for various professions.
  • Selecting: After conducting written examinations and interviews, hire the best candidate.
  • HR Development: Developing appropriate abilities for roles through orientation programmes, ongoing training, counselling, and coaching, among other things.
  • They help create incentives to keep employees on board.


A talent manager must concentrate on various tasks, such as developing employee-friendly rules and establishing the company as the best place to work in the region. The management must focus on the employees’ duties and develop a succession plan.

Strategic workforce planning includes talent management initiatives. A talent manager must visualize the organization’s needs and design a procedure that produces the most productive staff possible.

In a nutshell, talent management is maximizing the value of human resources in the workplace. Companies can reach above-average performance goals thanks to this technique.


Talent Management’s Most Important Elements

The practice of employing and managing personnel to ensure that an organization’s needs are satisfied is known as talent management.

Specific significant components of the activity have an impact on the process’ effectiveness:

  • Vision, Mission, and Values Definition – Creating a strategic framework that prioritizes various tasks is the most critical aspect of talent management software. The component aids in the prioritization of multiple programmes. It entails concentrating on issues that link organizational and human resource management objectives.
  • Creating a Talent Attraction and Retention Roadmap – Creating a tactical plan for having the proper mix of people in the workforce is the second major component of talent management. The team’s talents, variety, and competencies are geared toward assuring innovation and high productivity.
  • Evaluation of the Talent Gap – Another important aspect of skill management is assessing the talent gap. A talent manager should determine what an organization’s HR needs are and what needs to be done to achieve those needs.
  • Developing a Talent Succession Plan — A talent succession plan should be founded on an organization’s vision, values, and goals. The succession plan should consider the skills needed to meet the job’s requirements.
  • Measure Employee Perception – Talent management entails ensuring that employees are satisfied with policies and tasks. A talent manager must receive feedback from employees to accomplish this. The purpose of the perception assessment is to ensure that employees are happy with their jobs and feel a part of the team. This is critical to realize the return on its most essential investment – its people resources.
  • Employee Motivation Strategy – A talent manager must develop an employee motivation plan based on the employee assessment. Tasks that make employees feel committed and inspired to work for the organization should be included in the incentive plan. Employee motivation is linked to increased productivity and lower turnover.


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What is Talent Management’s Purpose?

Talent management aims to find the ideal person for the job. The goal of the activity is to identify various issues in personnel management.

Attracting the best personnel for the organization is the goal of talent management. The purpose of talent management is to give people the opportunity to advance in their careers. Some of the additional objectives of a talent management process are listed below:

  • Ensure staff motivation and engagement.
  • Keeping top talent on board
  • Exceptional business results
  • Customer pleasure is a result of excellent customer service.
  • The information accessible in the talent management system can be sifted through by talent managers. They can build succession plans and personnel training programmes.
  • Human resource managers can utilize talent management software to track and guarantee that every employee has the necessary abilities. Talent managers can use talent management software to identify and remove roadblocks to employee development.
  • The programme can also help HR managers, departmental managers, and supervisors more effectively.


Here is a list of the top 10 best Talent Management Software in India in 2022



1. offers personnel management software with talent pipeline tracking and employee engagement features. It gives managers insight into their employees’ day-to-day performance. It aids in the management of the performance appraisal process. Employees can request vacation time and be notified if their requests are approved.

The Recruiting Pipeline will assist you in managing and optimizing the recruitment procedures of your workers. Internal planning and cooperation with hiring managers will be streamlined. You’ll be able to keep track of the candidate’s history easily.


  • Pipeline for hiring
  • The Onboarding Procedure
  • Employee happiness is essential.
  • Requests can be left here.
  • Performance evaluations

Best for personnel management and talent pipeline tracking.




2. Oracle HCM 

Another versatile instrument for managing personnel is Human Capital Management (HCM). The software makes talent evaluation and succession planning more accessible. Performance management, workforce compensation, goal management, and career development are all aided by using the software.

The talent management software includes machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Virtual reality and digital assistants assist talent managers in streamlining managing people within the company.


  • Rewarding employees
  • Management of the workforce
  • Tab for competitions
  • Management of attendance
  • Self-service for employees

Best for Artificial intelligence-based recruitment and selection



3. Zoho Recruit

For recruiters, Zoho Recruit is a complete workflow solution.

“The talent acquisition system and recruitment tools from Zoho Recruit are built for today’s workforce, allowing you to hire more qualified applicants faster.”

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking solution that helps recruiters overcome various challenges. Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies, allowing you to find, track, and hire the finest prospects without juggling many media.

Customize and automate every element of your workday. Customize every part of your workday and automate sending emails and checking interview status. Get instant access to reports and analytics to help you develop more brilliant hiring tactics.


  • ‌ Submit your resume to high-end employment boards.
  • With source boosters, you can source quickly.
  • Make a career page for your organization.
  • Create pre-screening evaluations
  • Prepare resumes by parsing them, setting up Resume Inbox, and formatting them.
  • For Zoho Recruit, there is a Google Chrome extension.
  • Get advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Automation of Workflows and Processes
  • With Zoho Recruit, you can better engage candidates.
  • Hiring Pipeline allows you to track the stage of a candidate’s interview.
  • Candidate matching powered by AI and semantic search
  • Significant integrations.

Best for: An all-in-one application tracking and recruiting solution.



4. UltiPro 

UltiPro is an all-in-one talent management system. It includes one-of-a-kind predictive analytics capabilities that help talent managers spot high performers. Managers can chart their employees’ professional development and devise retention strategies for the entire staff.

UltiPro assists all employees in simplifying and improving their work experiences. With UltiPro, organizations can effortlessly manage global people data and processes, ensuring that their employees are engaged and productive from the start. You can provide personalized recruiting and onboarding experiences, guide employees through essential benefit decisions, simplify complex payroll computations, efficiently manage time and attendance needs, support continuous performance management and development, and create proactive succession plans for the future with UltiPro.

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  • Management of positions
  • Administration of the system
  • Management of compensation
  • Advancement of your career
  • Tools for predictive analytics
  • Management of performance
  • Management of succession

Best for: Managing the entire lifecycle of talent management.




5. TalentSoft 

TalentSoft is a fantastic talent management tool that assists talent managers in meeting their various needs. The software includes modules for handling several aspects of personnel management, including hiring, performance, compensation, training, and workforce planning.

The programme is especially well-suited to managing overseas workers. It can also scale up or down depending on the organization’s needs.


  • Talent management on the internet
  • Deployment options include cloud, web, and SaaS.
  • System for Managing Learning
  • Tracking Compensation Management Performance
  • Management of the recruitment process
  • Planning for Succession
  • Support in multiple languages: There are almost 25 languages supported.

Recruiting, finding international talent, and internal employee development are the best uses of this tool.



6. iCIMA Talent Acquisition

iCIMA Talent Acquisition is a user-friendly and adaptable talent management system. The software includes several functions that make it a one-stop-shop for hiring and managing personnel. It provides career site search, social media dissemination, and even search engine optimization for career sites.

It has features and tools that can assist recruiters in performing their jobs more efficiently. Mobile and AI engagement, candidate connection management, application tracking, offer direction, and employee onboarding solutions are some of the highlights of the employee management software.


  • Management of the interview
  • Human resource management on the inside
  • Checking your background
  • Employee evaluation 
  • a job posting
  • Integration of a job board
  • Integration of social media

Best for Recruiting, onboarding, and tracking applicants.


7. ADP Workforce

ADP Workforce provides several cool features that assist personnel managers in managing their staff effectively. The software uses artificial intelligence to locate data depending on location. Managers can make timely decisions thanks to real-time, reliable data.

The talent management module includes posting on a bespoke career site or social network. Compensation management can also be automated with the programme. It has built-in templates and customized workflows. Talent managers can devise pay schemes and assign merit-based incentives and raises.


  • Payroll and tax administration.
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Tracking of time and labour
  • Recruiting, performance management, and pay management are all aspects of the job.
  • Benefits administration – Affordable Care Act (ACA), COBRA, and so on

HR, payroll, and talent management are the areas where it shines.



8. Saba 

Saba is an all-in-one talent management solution. It aids talent managers in determining needs and filling skill shortages. Talent dashboards, candidate assessment, talent benchmarking, KPI management, and career planning are some of the software’s highlights.

Employee compensation budgeting might also be aided by using the programme. The budget module handles automated workflows, multi-currency, and multi-national staff.


  • Development and learning
  • Management of performance
  • Information about employee involvement.
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Management of compensation
  • Planning for the future
  • Modelling of strategic workflows.

Best for Employee engagement and real-time performance monitoring.



9. Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based talent management system with built-in performance management. The software includes recruitment, staff development, and human resource task management. This talent management app is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors.


  • Modules for Recruiting and Learning
  • Module of performance
  • Plan for Social Integration Succession

Best for: Managing the life cycle of employees




10. IBM Talent Management software

Large firms looking for a comprehensive talent management solution can choose IBM Talent Management software. For each of the talent management modules, there are numerous options.

Organizations can use IBM Watson AI-Powered Recruitment to increase the efficiency of recruitment assessment and selection. A module for talent development and management is also included in the software. AI-based assessment modules might help you accelerate staff growth.


  • Management of an employee’s life cycle
  • Tracking of applicants
  • Control of the recruitment process
  • Artificial intelligence-assisted talent management
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Best for: Businesses in need of a complete talent management solution.




Using technology, talent managers may streamline the recruitment and management of personnel. IBM Talent Management or Oracle HCM Cloud are recommended for large businesses.

TalentSoft, Zoho Recruit, and iCIMS Talent Acquisition are three options for small and mid-sized businesses. Saba provides an all-in-one talent management solution.

Make sure to compare the price and features of talent management software before deciding. Finally, the decision will be based on the company’s requirements and its budget.


Some questions at the view

How Does Talent Management Software Help with Employee Engagement and Recruitment?

The talent management tools effectively develop an innovative and productive team. It has the potential to simplify a variety of HR functions. HR professionals must devote less time to reviewing the resumes of qualified candidates. The programme also ensures that top performers are recognized and compensated to boost staff retention—employee career development, and smooth team communication, which leads to organizational growth.


What’s the Difference Between Talent Management (TMS) and Human Resource Management (HRMS) Software?

The most significant distinction between talent management and human resource management software is their functionality. The goal of talent management software is to find the best people, make onboarding easier, track performance, etc.

HRMS, on the other hand, is more concerned with administrative responsibilities. This includes keeping track of employee information, processing paychecks, accepting or rejecting leave requests, and providing other benefits.


Who Can Put the Talent Management Software in Place and Use It?

Talent acquisition software can be implemented and used by any firm, regardless of size. HR professionals, talent acquisition managers, trainers, and all employees in the firm benefit from the talent management programme.


Which software can be used in conjunction with TMS?

A wide range of software solutions can be successfully integrated with the talent management system. HR software, employee engagement software, employee monitoring software, onboarding software, performance management software, Recruiting software, and other types of software are available.

What are the most critical features of talent management software?

The fundamental elements that talent management solutions provide users provide fuel and power. The following are some of the most notable features:

  • Managing an employee’s complete career
  • All employees’ performance is being tracked.
  • Identifying, enticing, sourcing, recruiting and retaining qualified employees.
  • Compensation management ensures that salaries and appraisals are paid on schedule.
  • Identifying and developing new abilities to replace those who have retired, been fired, or left the company
  • Onboard new staff and give opportunities for learning and training.


What are the Benefits of Using Talent Management Software?

The following are some of the top TMS talent management system advantages:

  • Simplifies and streamlines the Hiring and Recruitment Process
  • Onboarding is made easier using talent management solutions.
  • Allows the HR department to achieve its objectives.
  • Increases employee retention and engagement
  • Integration with a variety of software programmes
  • Assists in the development and advancement of an employee’s career.
  • Enhances the team’s performance when working on projects
  • It saves time when it comes to employing new personnel.


Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Talent Management System

When choosing the best people management software, several critical factors to consider. These are some of them:

  • Extensive vendor research and judicious selection
  • Take a look at the TMS’s features and capabilities.
  • Examine the pricing model in detail.
  • Choose between cloud-hosted, Open API, or on-premise implementation.
  • The types of assistance that are available


How much does it cost to put talent management software in place?

Various criteria determine the best talent management software’s pricing model. To begin with, most talent management software firms determine the price based on the features and benefits that the tool provides. Free talent management tools such as Freshteam, Kredily, EmployeeConnect, and others are also available. Several talent management systems offer free trials for a limited time before charging for the service.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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