Utkarsh Piyush fascinates people with his success as the youngest digital entrepreneur

The youngster is all about his grit, passion, and ability to inspire innovation in the world of business

It is all about having the right outlook in life; this is something people and professionals across fields have said, and they say that right as this positive outlook help individuals not only tread on their paths but also effortlessly move forward in their endeavours, becoming a fine talent in their respective industries. We noticed how Utkarsh Piyush, one such self-driven youngster, chose to walk his path, acquire knowledge consistently and create his path to success in the world of digital. Today, Utkarsh Piyush, all of 19 years of age, has become one of the rising most digitalpreneurs and the youngest digital entrepreneur in the business world, achieving massive momentum.

He believed in having the right visions in life and worked relentlessly towards the same, for he believed that strong visions could change the game of any industry for the better, and that’s what happened when he jumped into the digital marketing field to carve his niche. Today, as a teenager entrepreneur, he owns “Prike Media,” a full-service digital marketing company in Dubai, and has shown the world what he truly possesses as an ace Indian business talent. The Muzaffarpur, Bihar boy began working at the naïve age of 14 and since then has only carved an upwards and onwards journey for himself in the field.

So far, Utkarsh Piyush has worked as a consultant to several celebrities in Bollywood and has taken the game of digital marketing to a whole new level across Dubai, providing services under his company, including but not limited to web and mobile app development, public relations, YouTube marketing, influencer marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing and much more. In just a few short years, this young digital marketing expert has earned more than 500 clients and completed more than 1000 projects already in a place like Dubai, known for fierce competition as well as tremendous opportunities. Utkarsh Piyush has also fascinated people by turning into an author and writing books like “Let’s Define the Word Entrepreneur” and “A step towards entrepreneurship.”

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Do find out more about him through his website,

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