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Zerodha To Join Hands With Small Case To Start New AMC.

The creators of the online stock trading service Zerodha and wealth management platform Smallcase recently announced the formation of a joint venture (JV) for the mutual fund market. Zerodha ranked as India’s largest brokerage in terms of the user base, has already received preliminary approval from SEBI for an asset management company (AMC) and is seeking final approval from the regulator. Rainmatter, Zerodha’s startup incubator, incubated Smallcase. The brokerage business is also a shareholder in Smallcase via Rainmatter.

While waiting for the AMC (mutual fund) ‘s final clearance, he asked if they should create it themselves or collaborate. With Smallcase’s over six years of expertise in constructing investment products, it made perfect sense to form a joint venture to establish the AMC’, said Zerodha founder and CEO Nithin Kamath in a series of tweets. According to Kamath, what has worked effectively in the Zerodha journey has been collaboration rather than attempting to construct everything ourselves.

Nithin Kamath: Zerodha Founder.

What will this joint venture between Zerodha and Smallcase do?

Zerodha had acquired SEBI’s preliminary clearance to establish an AMC in 2021. According to Smallcase founder Vasanth Kamath, the AMC would combine both organisations’ learnings and common principles to construct an enduring fund house.

The announcement comes after takeover discussions between Smallcase and fintech Cred fell apart owing to value disagreements. Smallcase, founded in 2015, offers users a basket of companies handpicked by market professionals to invest in. When asked for further information about the agreement, Zerodha declined to comment since the final AMC licence was still being approved.

The platform is based on direct indexing and model portfolios, allowing users to construct or invest in diverse and long-term stock and ETF portfolios. To create an ecosystem of simplified stock portfolios for clients, smallcase has worked with brokerages such as Zerodha, Groww, Kotak Securities, HDFC Securities, 5paisa, Edelweiss, Axis Securities, and IIFL Securities.

The business bills itself as “millennial-focused,” and it intends to offer tools that will assist in creating portfolios that are simple to grasp for novice investors. smallcase employs approximately 300 people across its product, engineering, business, and growth sectors and has connections with over 350 financial institutions.

Smallcase founder.

AMC will concentrate on passive funds.

In the past, Zerodha’s Kamath has made it very apparent that AMC will focus on passive products, which have gradually taken a share of the country’s entire equity assets. He said the broker would launch the AMC two to three months after receiving the final licencing. According to Nithin Kamath, the AMC was created to make investing easier for investors.

It will be entirely passive, with a maximum of 3-4 funds. What folks can do differently with an AMC is keep it simple, and he believes there is a potential to be a thought leader in passive-only funds. It is a 10-15-year endeavour, Kamath added, despite the fact that India still needs to be a large enough market to establish a major passive company in terms of income.

Growth has slowed.

Notwithstanding market volatility and turnover among active traders, Zerodha is on track to increase total revenue and earnings by 20% in the fiscal year 2023 on April 11. The increase in revenue can be ascribed to an increase in the company’s interest income.

There was reported higher revenue for the fourth quarter ending last December on a global scale, as interest income increased at the online brokerage. Zerodha, based in Bangalore, is estimated to generate total revenue (including interest income) of about INR 5,956.8 crore along with a net profit of INR 2,513.6 crore in fiscal 2023, which ended on March 31, 2023. This year, it posted an 87% increase in net profit to Rs 2,094.3 crore for fiscal 2022, while operating income increased 82% to Rs 4,964 crore. Nithin Kamath stated that if the volatility continues, Zerodha’s income might fall by about 30-40% in FY24. Kamath stated in March that new account openings were already down 50-60% from all-time highs.

Asset Management Company.


Zerodha is a bootstrapped company that has shown tremendous performance since its inception. It’s wonderful to witness such a great firm collaborating with another player, and hope this will be a recognised name in the asset Management Company sector.

Priyanka Chakraborty
Priyanka Chakraborty
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