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Every industry, business and services like retail store, tourism, automobile, grocery , local services, banking, etc. are transforming online today what we want or wish to have is available online we just need one click and the order is placed. Through online restaurant services we get our food delivered in less than 30 minutes. The whole world is transforming into a digital platform where everyone is internet savvy. If people are engaging themselves online so much then businesses in proportionate to that need to develop digitally.

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In order to transform your business online and make it digitally develop so that you can connect to the consumers in real time, is one of the appropriate websites one can approach to. targets the company/organizations, retail shops, local shops etc. it helps these businesses to grow digitally and online so that they can find their perfect online solution and connect to potential customers.

How is different from other businesses?

The unique thing about is that it is an online ordering app which help local consumer to buy products/Services sold by nearby shops. It searches the nearest shop from where you can place your order and get in touch with the store it connects the physical store to their potential customers so that the customers can get their products/ services at their doorsteps in easy steps. believes that that future of retail business is with them. It aims at empowering micro small shops to sell to their nearby customers. Connecting Business In Real Time - Inventiva

It provides express delivery within the city from 24hrs to 24hrs, by using Zuooa app a small business can make money from the combination of physical plus digital that is physical technology. The company not only make small business and retail stores digitally and online empower they in fact provide them 360 degree solution from starting selling to giving customer and eventually helping them in generating revenue.

It provides easy connectivity of store and consumer by free app call. It also provides large selections, cheaper price and great offers to the customers.  

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Let’s know about the founder:

The founder and CEO of is Mr. Rishabh Verma, he is from Patna, Bihar. He is a dropout from, BE computer Science DSCE Bangalore.  He started the company with an aim of transforming retail business with the help of innovation, creativity, and with the passionate team members to develop the startup ecosystem. He has led many successful automation projects, including on premise, from concept and planning to implementation and quality assurance, with great deadline sensitivity exceeding customer expectations.

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Currently is working with 750 plus stores. In few years the company’s vision is to expand its business in cities like Ranchi, Patna, Indore, Bhopal Chandigarh and help consumers & Sellers to make convenience and easy commerce within the city and make our country more friendly and digitally empowered nation and moreover contribute its fare share in country’s  growth and creating jobs and also helping Indians for shopping anywhere from everywhere in Real time.

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