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The inspiring story of Anooja Bashir, founder of OUREA- the 360° solution to all your corporate problems.

 Inspiring story of Anooja Bashir and her beautiful entrepreneurial journey

It’s said that our experiences shape us into the people we ultimately become. But what if you take those experiences of misogyny and conservatism and convert them into a project so beautiful that it becomes a one-stop solution for all the business problems? Well, allow me to introduce to you the Entrepreneur of the Year 2020-21, Ms Anooja Bashir, who did exactly that and more.

Anooja Bashir, the inspirational and paragon entrepreneur from Ourea

At a time when the start-up failure rate is catching up with the start-up rate at a pretty steady pace, creating a venture as successful and holistic is some dream prospect. But well, the founder of Ourea- a 360° degree solution for all business and corporate management problems, turned it into reality pretty well.

This business management consultancy is all you need if you’re encountering a problem in the area of digital marketing, strategic marketing, branding, designing, web development, HR management, and training. Wow, the list is pretty long, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what makes Ourea from this sea of start-ups. And as you would expect, the story of this venture is every bit as exciting and inspiring as the woman herself, for creating this piece of success was no cakewalk.

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Let me trace it for you. A decade long exposure to the corporate world and academia gave rise to a profound feeling in Ms. Bashir, the feeling of having her own entrepreneurial journey. Having taught as a professor in an engineering college to her experience in the corporate sector, she banked on all her learnings and experiences to create LIKES- Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills, a program that revolved around the Pachatatva theory of life.

This venture covered in its core what is imperative for any amateur entering the world of corporates- a five dimension skill enhancement program to increase employability prospects.

However, as fate had it, emotional and financial problems, along with an inefficient team, blurred its growth prospects of it. But who said failure has to be the last stop? Ms. Anooja Bashir had the courage of starting again and the wit to learn from mistakes- which led to the beginning of this ever-so-popular venture Ourea, revolutionising the very idea.

The area has emerged as a trustworthy mentor to all entrepreneurial dreamers that have dreams to make it big in the industry. The influence, impact and foothold that emerges from Ourea’s own strong identity comes from the galvanising team of Ms Anooja Basheer, with a headstrong IT support and stabilising emotional hold up from Mr Vinod Chacko. The dynamic entrepreneurs also have another venture named FlexiCloud, which is into Cloud hosting where Vinod is the Founder & CEO with Anóoja as Co-founder & CMO.

Anooja Bashir-Ourea

This dream team has served more than 60 companies emerge into the strong systems they are today, that included both budding firms that were learning to get on their feet and the already established firms that needed help because of turbulence. To credit this fast growth of Ourea, we would primarily want to turn towards the pandemic and the resilience of the team, for they bolstered every opportunity that came their way and turned themselves into a credible problem-solver to all types of corporate problems.

This has been possible because of the well-defined structural distinction of Ourea with its various domains – Branding, designing, Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web & application development, Training & HR management. With initiation at their core and perfectionism at their ends, the performance of Ourea in ensuring the successful branding of their clients has been nothing short of incredible, and we’re all in for you attesting it yourself.

To give you a hint of how far-reaching the operations of Ourea are, note that the list of Ourea’s clients lies from various industry verticals, including the medical sector, food industry, construction sect, healthcare and lifestyle vertical corporate nuances, and so much more. Wow, I’m sure you’re tired of merely reading them, and they’ve been doing it relentlessly. Not only organisations but individuals owe their success stories to Ourea too.

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of courage for a woman entrepreneur to come out of the societal bounds of doubts and restrictions to create something people like you and I dream of. Ms Anooja Bashir’s lively and cheery nature corroborates with her passion for being her own boss, and well, we’re looking at her in awe. Resilience marks the difference between success and failure, and in this case, Ms Bashir’s courage has set this successful entrepreneurial benchmark. The only way from hereon is upwards, and we’re all in to witness it.

Edited by Tanish Sachdev

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Simerleen Kaur
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