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How to become a chef in India: Follow these steps now

CRISIL estimates the Indian restaurant business to be worth Rs. 4.2 lakh crore, making it one of the largest in the world. We may find fusion restaurants and foreign eateries in even the second and third-tier cities. Indian cities have a typical eating out frequency of one to three times a week. In addition, the number of possibilities for qualified chefs has expanded tremendously as the cuisines have spread across boundaries.

Because of the increasing demand for Indian food, Indian chefs have been awarded Michelin stars and other renowned accolades. It’s safe to say that Indian cuisine has made a name for itself over the world. Celebrity chefs have inspired and motivated a generation of young Indians to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in the culinary arts. Depending on the kind of cuisine, restaurant structure, and chef’s position in the restaurant, the sort of job one must undertake varies. 

Chefs of Various Types:

Here is a breakdown of the many hats an Indian restaurant chef might don.

Chef Commis 

Commis Chef is an assistant or cook who assists the chef in the preparation of meals. At some point, the Commissars who have been around for some time take on more responsibility. Commis chefs have a lot of opportunities to enhance their culinary skills along with their trip, which may lead to significant professional advancement.

Chief of Staff

In the kitchen, a chef de partie (also known as a line cook or station chef) is responsible for a specific kitchen area and is also known as a sous chef. He has several chefs working under him in certain production areas, such as pastry, sauces, butchery and vegetables. ‘Chef de Partie’

Chef de Cuisine / Pastry Maker

One of the duties of a pastry chef is to produce, decorate, and display delicacies like pastries and cakes. A variety of toppings and frosting are used to make the meal appealing and appealing. Customers get captivated by the presentation since it is so engaging.

Chef de Cuisine of the Bakery

Baked meals are made by bakers chefs. For one thing, they know how to utilise the appropriate components in precise amounts and at precisely the right moment. Quality and nutrition are also taken care of. They’re the ones who come up with the most visually appealing baked goods.

Sautee or Sautee Chef:

The Saucier or Sauté Chef oversees the whole process from purchase to delivery, particularly for sauces. The saucier also prepares soups and gravies in addition to sauces.


First and foremost, sous-chef de cuisine (French: “under-chef of the kitchen”) needs to work closely with the head chef. Secondly, they must carry out the plans as instructed. Third, in charge, the sous chef de cuisine is responsible for a particular operation or region.

Culinary Director of the Year

It is the chef de cuisine’s job to oversee the kitchen’s daily operations. Besides cooking, the chef develops the meal, chooses the ingredients, selects, and inspects the cooking supplies. He also oversees commis chefs and other food-related tasks in his kitchen.

Chef training in India

There are two methods to become a chef in India, just as in other professions. 

  • A More Casual Approach

There is an informal approach to learning, which is to do it yourself. If you’re committed, this might take a long time. As an assistant or cook at a high-quality restaurant, you’ll learn about time and responsibility, which will help you become a better chef.

  • In a more formal manner

The second option is to pursue a professional path officially. Suppose you’ve ever wondered how to become a chef in India after high school. In that case, you’re in luck since the country offers a variety of culinary programmes at the diploma, degree, and master’s degree levels. These classes fall within the umbrella of the culinary arts field.

As a part of their curriculum, all of these courses have a required internship or apprenticeship component. One must complete an internship/apprenticeship and work as a commis chef at a restaurant under the guidance of a mentor chef as a part of this curriculum. Commis Chefs use this time to put what they’ve learnt into practice. In other words, they are putting into practice what they’ve studied in culinary school.

Tips on How to Become a Chef’s Assistant

indian chef

One of the fascinating jobs in the world is becoming a chef. You get to see your work delivered every day. As you get feedback, you continue to grow as a person. People are not only fed but also entertained by your culinary creations. It also gives you the chance to see the world. You learn and develop as much as you take on more responsibilities; it’s not a 9-to-5 job.

Working at a restaurant or hotel is a relaxing environment.

In addition to all of this, you’ll get admiration and, in some cases, celebrity status.

To become a chef in India below is a detailed guide:

  • Get a post-high school diploma (10+2)

To get into a reputable culinary school, one must either have a culinary diploma or experience in the industry. Employers need a minimal culinary certificate even to get exposure. If you don’t have any work experience, you can’t get into a decent culinary school. 

Spend three to four years studying culinary arts to get a bachelor’s degree (BA in Culinary Arts). A basic diploma after the 12th grade should be the first step on the path to becoming a chef. We may include part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid internships in this diploma’s duration.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, one may pursue a master’s degree (MA) in the field. Though a formal degree isn’t required to become a chef, specialise in one’s chosen area of expertise. They can advance in their career and assume more responsibility as a result of this. In summary, this may be an excellent launching pad for a budding chef.

Exposure to Real-World Problems Post-Internship/Apprenticeship

First, one must be a commis chef in a restaurant’s specialised department or sector to begin the voyage. Becoming a chef required more than simply a formal education. Learning from various mentors in a positive work environment is essential for a chef to succeed. They will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills via their daily work.

Professional networking possibilities are also available as a result of this practical experience.

Obtaining a Chef’s Certification.

1. Certification is not required to be a chef in India, but it may help you advance more quickly in competitive chef roles. Like professional education, certification is optional.

2. Certification is also a chance to expand one’s knowledge base by learning new skills and disciplines.

Having a more well-rounded financial portfolio is one of its potential benefits.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

Journalism student with a keen interest in Business world


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