How much does it cost to start a powerful Bluedart franchise in India for 2021?

Blue Dart Express is a South Asian courier company. We currently cover over 35,000 locations in over 220 countries worldwide. The company has completely changed the global logistics landscape. If you are interested in starting a Bluedart franchise in India but are not sure how much it will cost, this article has everything you need to know.

As the company generates over $700 million in annual revenue, opening a Bluedart franchise in India has a great opportunity to benefit you. Bluedart  India franchise can be started with only Rs. 1 million ($1,600) and you can earn up to 20 hours per year.

Benefits of Starting a BlueDart Business


First, let’s talk about the benefits of having a Bluedart franchise before we get into the details of  franchise costs, profit margins and other data in India. This is what we discussed below. Take advantage of Blue Dart’s outstanding brand awareness.

We can handle both domestic and international shipments thanks to the worldwide DHL association (DHL is Blue Dart’s business alliance partner).

Blue Dart serves more than 35,000 locations, so there are great opportunities to help customers. 4,444 Bluedart merchants are already benefiting from the marketing infrastructure. Also, you don’t need to launch a marketing campaign because of your company’s brand awareness.

You can use MIS, ERP, customer service, etc. to your advantage when using your own services.

You get a high commission for every successful delivery. In addition to regular rewards, you will receive festival bonuses and other perks during affiliate offers and special seasons.

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If you have any questions about the company’s activities, you can contact the customer center at any time, day and night.

Simply put, if you own a Bluedart franchise in India, you will receive impressive rewards. We’ll talk about franchise costs  in the next section.

Requirements to Start a Bluedart Franchise in India 

This section describes all prerequisites for owning a Bluedart Franchise in India. It also describes the amount required, its location, and any legal documents required.

 How much does a Bluedart franchise cost in India?

The cost of opening a new Bluedart store in India depends on the size and location of the company. Let’s look at the  franchise business model of a location-based company.

 City level

 State level

 Rural level

The Bluedart franchise requires an investment of approximately $24 million. Because of this, government-level franchises have a higher price tag.

Also requires a $1.5 million deposit (depending on city in India). Blue Darts are rewarded when they reach their target performance level  over time.

  1. Bluedart India

Franchise Regional Requirements If you live in India, you can apply for a Blue Dart franchise. Requires 250 to 300 square feet of warehouse space.

In addition to this area, you will always need an active phone line, computer desk, printer and Internet access.

Legal Documents Imprinted by a Notary Public, Signature of a Notary Public, Notarized by the Attorney’s Office

  • Verified Legal Documents

To become an Authorized Bluedart Partner, you must go through the legal process. The files you need to download are:

Aadhar card or  other government-approved identification (eg electricity bill or voter card).

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An Office-specific document that can be used to verify the owner’s identity. A security deposit requires documents such as a signed lease agreement, canceled check, or a copy of a bankbook if you are renting  property.

PAN Card for Company and Taxpayer Identification

Training and Training Procedures

Training will be provided in the  city where the company is located. They will come and tell you everything they know about management, including how real-time scheduling works. However, you will have to spend more money to cover  your training costs.

 Conditions for owning a Bluedart franchise in India have  been met. In the next part, we will look at how to apply for a franchise and how to renew an existing franchise.

 How do I apply for a Bluedart franchise as a resident of India? To apply for a

Bluedart India franchise, please contact the branch  in your city of residence. Make an appointment with your manager as soon as possible. Blue Dart’s management will provide  information about the company’s many services.

Describe your strategy and how you plan to implement it. Once the strategy has been approved by the relevant authorities, the franchise application is approved. However, there is a slight delay in processing your request. If your application is approved, you will be required to complete a two-week training course  to familiarize yourself with the application process and the services provided.

Bluedart Franchise Contract Extension

All franchised services are governed by one contract. You will be cut  from their company upon contract expiration. However, depending on the circumstances before the expiration of the validity period, it may be renewed within a reasonable period.

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Once the Bluedart system is installed, it’s time to look into the  margins. The Bluedart Franchise Profit Margin Graph shows how your business strategy needs increased profits. With the

Bluedart franchise, you’ll never be left idle thanks to these famous brands. Also, with a small investment, you can get a return of 35% to 40%.

Setting up a franchise in an area that can accommodate the majority of customers requires strategic planning. You should have easy access to the city’s most popular attractions. Starting and running a business can make a lot of money.


The Indian Bluedart franchise has always been a profitable business. It requires only a little  capital  to get started, but can generate a lot of income. A fee is paid for each successful delivery.

Every business needs people who can handle a variety of tasks.  Bluedart franchises are an excellent choice for you because they offer a secure approach to business.

We  hope you found this information helpful. Email us to  learn more about Bluedart Franchise Costs in India or any other business. We will help you in every way possible. Have a nice day. We will contact you later.

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