Basic to log out of GST? [ compact Procedure for 2021]

There are many reasons why you should log out of the GST. Therefore, you probably don’t know how to sign out of GST. You may have closed your business, changed the nature of your business, or changed your source of income.

There may have been an error during the initial GST registration process, such as a error on the submitted documents, an error filling out the form, or an incorrect tax rate.

What is GST?

GST is an indirect tax imposed in India on the selling of products and services. GST absorbs all other 4,444 states and central indirect taxes, with the exception of some state taxes. As a result, it is a multi-level and comprehensive tax. This replaces the previous Local Tax Directive with a Destination or Sales Tax Directive. Because it is a multi-level tax, it is taxed at all stages of production, but will be refunded to all parties involved in the production except the end user. Revenues from interstate trade are shared 5050 between the center and the states.

For example, if the state of Maharashtra generates tax revenues of around Rs. 104,444, the state will maintain Rs. 50 billion and the central government will receive Rs. 5 from goods and services across state boundaries. Another example: In an interstate transaction, goods are exchanged between Maharashtra and Gujarat. In this case, Gujarat is the state that receives the goods and collects the tax, and the tax is evenly divided between the center and the state.


As an entrepreneur, the focus is on financial accounting. These new GST laws make it harder to focus on business growth than taxes. OkCredit is a financial accounting service that offers a variety of company-specific services that allow you to focus on growth while keeping all your financial concerns in mind.

The word GST is written on various papers hanging on a string What happens after the GSTIN is destroyed?

Unregistering a GST basically means that you are not a registered GST logon. You will no longer be able to claim tax credits for GST payments, and you will no longer have to file GST payments or tax returns for . Cancellation eliminates the need for taxpayers to pay taxes. Continuing your business after deregistering GST will be considered a violation of GST law and will result in severe penalties. The following is a list of people who are allowed to unregister from GST.

You can request deregistration as a taxpayer. If your income does not match the threshold at which you are taxed, the reason may be related to your income. Tax officers can apply. A legal heir can also choose on behalf of the taxpayer at the time of death. Here are some reasons that could lead to termination:

The company is no longer open. The company has been sold entirely by transfer, merger, spin-off, or otherwise. You need to report the acquirer (or the newly established company as a result of the merger / spin-off). If the transferee becomes inactive, the transferor’s entry will be deleted. The company’s structure has changed. Prior to , for voluntary GST registration, the application for deletion could only be submitted one year after the date of registration.

This provision has been revoked. Deregistration of GST by tax immigrants with immigrant background Persons who have previously registered under indirect tax law prior to should switch to GST. Many of these people may not need to register with GST. For example, in most states, the VAT threshold is Rs. It’s 5 easy, but the GST threshold is Rs. 200,000 rupees.


All interstate suppliers, except service providers, must register, so you need to make sure you are not procuring interstate supplies. Rs. Rs40 Rs10 if the product is offered only in some states or if the service is offered only in the Special Union category in some states / territories. In this case, the taxpayer must submit the file electronically via the GST portal using the GST REG29 form.

The registration will be canceled by the agent once the required investigation is completed. Taxpayer Cancellation (Non-immigrant) You must submit a cancellation request using GST Form REG 16. GST-REG Form 16 should contain the following information: At the time of deregistration, intermediate services, semi-finished products and finished products are in stock. In this context, responsibility is important and needs to be addressed. Payment terms.

Within 30 days of the request, the officer in charge must place a cancellation order using form GSTREG19. The officer will notify the parties concerned of the cancellation. Cancellation takes effect on the specified date.

Cancellation by the Tax Office The Tax Office can cancel the GST registration:

If the taxpayer does not pay the registration fee, is inactive at the designated location, or issues an invoice without delivery of goods or services. If (violation) conditions) or violation of the commercial policy (eg failure to transfer profits from the ITC to the customer) If the employee considers it necessary to cancel the personal registration, the reason to GST Please fill out the. From Form REG17. This person must use the REG18 form to explain why registration should not be canceled within 7 days of receiving the notification.

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If the answer turns out to be satisfactory, the question will be rejected and the order will be placed on the form GSTREG20. If Registration is canceled, the appropriate officers would be:
If the appropriate officer voluntarily cancels the registrant`s registration, the registrant may submit a request for
revocation on the GST REG21 form. He must submit it to the general portal within 30 days of sending the cancellation order. If the competent officer is satisfied, he may cancel the registration within 30 days of receiving the request by submitting an order form GST REG22. Grounds for registration, revocation or cancellation must be made in writing.

If the competent official is satisfied, he may cancel the cancellation
within 30 days of receipt of the request by submitting an order form GST REG22. Reasons for registration, cancellation or cancellation must be in writing.

Official can reject the withdrawal request by placing an order using GST form REG05 and notifying the applicant. Before rejecting the application, the responsible person must issue statement to the applicant using GST form REG23. This statement asks the applicant to explain why he / she does not reject. single. Applicants must reply to the GSTREG24 form within 7 business days of receiving the notification.


It’s great to know how to log out of GST, but it’s a serious business to think about before making the final decision. Withdrawal is possible, but it is a time-consuming process and unlikely to succeed.

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