Internshala Trainings launches The Wed-Dev Battle — A web development contest


An opportunity for the students of India to learn the top in-demand skill and earn rewards worth INR 1 lakh

Internshala Trainings has launched The Web-Dev Battle for the students who are passionate about building their ideas from scratch using their creativity and programming skills. Web development is one of the fields that rose to fame to stay. It is one of the most coveted fields among both recruiters and job seekers, based on the recent Internshala’s internship report for 2018. Through this contest, Internshala aims to inspire the students and young graduates to learn this top in-demand skill and build a career in it. The students can apply for the contest by 5th May 2019.

Why learn web development in the era of technological advancements like Machine Learning, Android, etc.?

Over the years, the evolution of technology has made us significantly dependent on websites to consume data and access services ranging from buying groceries, booking a cab, and preparing basic project reports to simply watching our favorite TV shows. Everyday, we need a new website for something or need a new feature in the existing websites. It is this dependency of mankind that has led web development to become one of the most sought-after careers even in the time of AI, ML, Deep Learning, and so on.

About the contest:

In The Web-Dev Battle, the participants will undergo a 6-week web development training wherein they’ll learn the skill from scratch. The students will get to learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQLi through video tutorials and will get hands-on experience with various assignments, tests, coding challenges, and quizzes. At the end of the training, the participants will be required to submit a project and the top 3 contenders with the most innovative projects stand a chance to win cash rewards worth INR 1 lakh.

On the launch of this contest, Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder and CEO of Internshala said, “From the last 8 years, Internshala has been striving to bridge the skill-gap between students and the industry. Through Internshala Trainings, we encourage students to explore and learn the most in-demand skills of today and prepare for the jobs of the future.”

“With this contest, we intend to encourage students to learn web development and build a career in it as web development is one such field which is popular among the employers as well as the students, given our reliance on various websites even for the most basic things like learning the meaning of a new word or listening to music.”

For more details or to apply for the contest, visit:

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