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Kumari Amaranthine on its way to achieving IGBC Platinum certification

In pursuit of its green mission, Kumari Builders and Developers is working towards obtaining ‘Platinum’ certification for its Kumari Amaranthine project in Bengaluru’s Bellandur area. The certification is in compliance with the Green Homes Rating System issued by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).
As a step towards this goal, Kumari Amaranthine, ready to be occupied by August 2018, is already pre-certified as a ‘Platinum-rated project’. It is one among the 17 Platinum-rated pre-certified projects in Karnataka. The IGBC Green Homes Rating System addresses green features under the following categories: site selection and planning, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design process.
The futuristic project embraces a green future with the clear aim to reduce, reuse and recycle. Kumari Amaranthine’s green features include roof gardens, solar panels and grey water recycling systems for effective energy, water and waste management.
“Having met all criteria under the IGBC categories and with an achievable target of 92 points out of 100, Kumari Amaranthine is well on its way to obtaining Platinum certification. We will leave no stone unturned in reaching this goal towards conserving the environment, while offering our customers a quality living space and ensuring that every family at Amaranthine does its bit for the environment,” explains Ashok Naidu, Director, Kumari Builders and Developers.
What does the Platinum certification ensure?
To the environment it means long-term protection through the much-needed conservation of precious resources such as water and energy.
About 50,000 litres of water is saved every day at Kumari Amaranthine from recycling alone. An advanced Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) ensures that money is saved on buying additional water from water tankers, otherwise needed for car-wash, landscape watering, and use in toilet flush tanks. The project also has a separate grey water treatment plant which handles the used potable water. The recycled grey water can be used for domestic purposes.
The energy-saving measures adopted at Amaranthine include a 40KW in-house solar plant, energy-saving fittings and efficient distribution of power, among others.Moreover, the structures have been built with clay blocks – a 100% natural, green product that is non-toxic – and the windows fitted with glazed glass. Both clay blocks and glazed glass provide better insulation. It helps reduce the need, and therefore, costs of AC and other ventilation devices.
To every home owner, the Platinum certification would translate into direct savings on utility bills.
At Kumari Amaranthine the monthly water savings through recycling alone amounts to a whopping 15,00,000 litres. Water costs about 10 paisa per litre in Bengaluru, and hence the savings per home per month stands at about 1,500 rupees. This is for water saved through recycling alone. Water consumption is further reduced through low flow water fixtures, rain water harvesting and bore well recharge.
The clean and green energy generated from the solar plant combined with other energy-saving factors at Kumari Amaranthine leads to savings of up to another 1,500 rupees per month per home. This saving is as per calculations by EDGE, a unit of International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group.
“The Platinum certification would mean that in addition to the tangible benefits of reduction in water and energy costs during the entire life cycle of the building, there are various other indirect benefits to the environment and the home owners. Conservation of scarce natural resources, improved air quality, enhanced health and well-being of the families and excellent day lighting are some of the benefits that we are happy to pass on to our customers,” adds Ashok.
About Kumari Builders and Developers:
Kumari Builders and Developers is one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Bengaluru. With eight projects to its credit, the company currently has ongoing projects adding up to 2,54,610 square feet of built-up area. It was founded in 2012 with the foremost objective of fulfilling the housing needs of young working professionals in the city.
 Image Caption; An artist impression of Kumari Amaranthine in Bellandur.
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