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Mintly partners with Kineer Services to make the LGBTQ community self-capable

Mintly’s journey which was started around 3 years ago now taken an amazing step towards helping the LGBTQ community gain a respectful position in the society. Financial independence is the one thing that brings in respect for people. This is a well-known and well proven fact. Mintly believes that letting the LGBTQ people make their own livelihood may help them to stay more confident and respectable among everyone around them in the society. It even strongly believes that this step will help them grow.
India has started to recognize the rights of the LGBTQ people. Decriminalizing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is the first step towards making the world a better place for them all. Even after this verdict, the community still suffers some sort of cornering from the people around. They still struggle with a lot of things in the society which Mintly feels that financial independence can make right.
About Kineer
Kineer Services headed by Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi works towards empowering the third/neutral gender people. They are left with no choice to earn a livelihood which forced them to either beg or indulge in skin trade. Kineer wants change this scenario and that is the reason it started to skill train LGBTQ people and partnering with us is a step towards helping them get hired.
About Us
Mintly is a recruiting platform that is providing useful content for jobseekers and employers in 7 different regional Indian languages. With Mintly, companies are also getting quality background verification services as it uses blockchain technology for BGV. It is the first job search platform that is aiming towards the fully audio based job postings. With Kineer partnership, it is aiming towards serving the people of LGBTQ community in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and NCR region.
This partnership of Mintly and Kineer will definitely going to lay a path for a better world for both the jobseekers and employers of the  LGBTQ community.
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Contact Details : B. Satyapriya
Marketing /PR
Email – [email protected]
For any other queries
WhatsApp – 8110000635

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