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Now Manage Logistics by giving voice commands to your Alexa and Google Home with LogixGRID Technologies

First in Asia to Integrate Logistics Services with Alexa and Google Home Platforms

New Delhi, 26th July 2019: LogixGRID, one of the India’s leading platforms for managing global logistics, announced the integration of Asia’s first Artificial Intelligence Assistant used for logistics with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home platforms. The integration is made possible by the LogixGRID’s platform called Logix SMART; a voice-assistant software that be used to manage logistics challenges with voice-commands.

The AI assistant for logistics operations has been integrated with both Alexa and Google Home devices to manage and monitor logistics businesses and metrics respectively. The product is a revolutionary initiative for the logistics industry because it allows complete business oversight using simple voice commands. The AI assistant helps track shipments, schedule pick-ups or e-mail business reports by responding to commands in multiple languages from anywhere in the world.

Logix SMART from LogixGRID is Asia’s first Artificial Intelligence Assistant for logistics operations and businesses using it will have a competitive advantage for the reasons mentioned below.

  • Saves time: It allows you to save 2 hrs in a day i.e 30 hrs a month

  • Customer Satisfaction: 70% rise in customer satisfaction index

  • Market Advantage: 30% market advantage for running businesses and 40% for new businesses

  • Cost-effective: 20% cost cutting and 80% ROI

  • Skill Development: 45% increase in employee skill development

Speaking about the new AI Assistant for Logistics operations, Mr.Gurcharan Singh, Director and Founder; LogixGRID said The horizon of the domestic logistics industry is nearly limitless. This is the first time in Asia that someone has integrated an Artificial Intelligence Assistant for logistics operations with platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We’ve spent countless man hours and created a suite of digital platforms that consider every requirement of businesses in the logistics industry. We’re confident we’ve created a line of products that will reshape the logistics industry domestically as well as abroad”.

About LogixGRID:

LogixGRID, India’s leading company for managing global logistics was founded in early 2011 with a mission to bring the latest advancements in the fields of cloud computing, big data, AI and mobility to the logistics space. The company is based in Gurgaon and it is India’s first IT Company to provide Artificial Intelligence driven logistics platforms. Today the company makes these cutting edge technologies affordable to SMEs. 

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