Digital World- Digital India. This initiative of Narender Modi has transformed the face of the nation. Now almost more than 40% of the business is going online.
There are multiple services that started digitally be it online food ordering, online e-commerce, online paytm apps, money transfer and even online cab and taxis.
Like all the new trends in the market, India is now full of online cab booking services. The market got flourished with multiple cab booking services both from domestic players like Meru, OLA, Taxi4sure and International players like UBER.
But due to this sudden increase in similar services the competition rise is quite high. All these services are being offered to customers via mobile apps and websites and you can book the cabs from the comfort of your home with just few clicks. At the same time these services have very different pricing models and makes customer confuse which one to choose from.
It reminds me of a very interesting story.
“One day a cat and a fox were having a conversation. The fox, who was a conceited creature, boasted how clever she was. ‘Why, I know at least a hundred tricks to get away from our mutual enemies, the dogs,’ she said.’I know only one trick to get away from dogs,’ said the cat. ‘You should teach me some of yours!”Well, maybe some day, when I have the time, I may teach you a few of the simpler ones,’ replied the fox airily.
Just then they heard the barking of a pack of dogs in the distance. The barking grew louder and louder – the dogs were coming in their direction! At once the cat ran to the nearest tree and climbed into its branches, well out of reach of any dog. ‘This is the trick I told you about, the only one I know,’ she called down to the fox. ‘Which one of your hundred tricks are you going to use?’
The fox sat silently under the tree, wondering which trick she should use. Before she could make up her mind, the dogs arrived. They fell upon the fox and tore her to pieces.”
The confusion of selecting best services at pocket friendly prices always confuse the customers. In the scenario of cab booking, many cab services offers unusual pricing and makes your cab ride a walk through hell. They charge on per minute waiting, have different pricing during day and night, they charge double during the peak hours, many times the cabs gets canceled and they even charge the customers for canceling the cabs. has come with a unique concept and a different solution for all your needs. They have
Which will make sure they run their business ethically without harassing the customers in the name of several other charges levied and boosting your final end payment.
Wagon cab is a initiative of a very young and dynamic entrepreneur who also happens to be the CEO and a lead strategist of the company ARPAN AGGARWAL.
Arpan found that many cab services providers display cheapest rates to trap the customers but the final prices goes to almost double at the time of payment and finally the customers feels cheated at the end of the ride. Hence Arpan started his venture with absolute transparency so that their rides with wagon cab actually becomes a joyride.

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