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Never Underestimate The Cost of Poor Reputation

Taking care of online reputation is super important for literally every business. If you start one, you want to reach as many potential customers as possible. In order to maintain a steady flow of customers, you need a solid reputation, especially these days, when it takes seconds for people to find reviews and opinions on businesses they consider buying something from. It applies both to B2B and B2C industries.
You can see lot of websites investing huge in reputation management. Someone rightly said it takes years to build a reputation but only fraction of seconds to loose reputation.
In business the cost of generating or acquiring new business is far more than cost of retention of old business. Your old customers are like gold mines and free of cost bill board who will do your free marketing and brand building.
One poor review or bad remark by an old customer can put you at risk of loosing business from almost 100+ customers and this number increases 10 folds when such reviews are put online.
There are numerous companies and tools that will help you with managing your online reputation. One of the aspects of online reputation management I consider crucial is social media monitoring. In the digital age we live in, people go on social media to post on a huge variety of topics and many of them include all sorts of them in their posts.
They don’t hesitate to include brands when they complain or want to vent their frustrations about their brand experiences. If a person shaming a brand has a small following it might not cause too much damage but it could be painful when an influential person or website puts you under fire. In the past, when a person had a poor brand experience, normally it’d be their closest circle of family and friends that could potentially hear about it from them. I don’t think I need to explain how much different it looks like nowadays.
In a world where more and more people are shopping on the web and connecting with brands on social media, knowing what people are saying about your business online has never been more important.
Therefore it is very important to keep a track of your online reputation and brand development. Now a days ORM is Essential for Businesses Small and Large.
Here are the 6 tips that you should follow as a brand:
1. Engaging on behalf of your brand has to be very calculative. Think twice before making a move.
2. A company needs the right person to handle this responsibility. Ideally a calm and a rational person who has an inside out knowledge about the company.
3. Delete some feedbacks, reviews etcetera. Even report some sites if you have to. Not every material online has to be responded. Some people just want to drag your business or your product down. No rational argument will settle that. So instead of engaging, simply delete its existence.
4. Use ORM activities to increase your visibility.
5. Keep building your customer trust over and over again. Don’t stop thinking of it as a one-time activity.
6. Build relationships online.
There are only few companies online who can help you to develop a excellent brand reputation for your business. Online Brand Reputation Management is a very crucial and strategic task. Not everyone can handle it wonderfully. You must hire a online brand reputation management company before its too late and your customers poor reviews hamper your market value, your sales and business and push you out of the business.
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