GMT Centrum Review – Enjoy Independence in Investment

GMT Centrum Background

GMT Centrum is committed to doing things right for customers. Thus, it provides lucrative trade and investment opportunities for investors. It also provides a simple trading environment where the trader is independent and does as he wishes. Such independence is a distinguishing factor for this broker. 

The entire team at GMT Centrum has the customer as the only priority. That is why the broker provides numerous self-driven portfolio products with low fees to encourage customers to register and trade. Apart from investing, the broker also has a lending function where customers can borrow money for trade and investment.

GMT Centrum Pros and Cons

Our review has identified several positive things about the broker that would attract you as a trader or investor. However, before you jump in, we also identified a few negative things the broker may need to address to make it even more convenient.


  • Low-cost investment – the broker encourages investors by adopting a low-cost positioning. There is no minimum account balance and no commissions on stocks, options, and ETFs.
  • Robust web-based platform – The broker has a very vibrant web-based trading platform that meets customers’ expectations with its functional features and intuitive design.
  • Access multiple assets – In line with its commitment to providing great opportunities to customers, the broker offers a wide range of asset classes for trading and investment.


  • No third-party research providers – you only access the broker’s research resources since there are no third-party providers.
  • No mobile app – the broker does not have a mobile devices app trading option for traders who prefer this alternative.

GMT Centrum Top Features

GMT Centrum is committed to the customer. As such, the broker always seeks new ways to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. And this has led to adopting specific strategies and features unique to the broker. We discuss these features below.

Self-Driven Investment

GMT Centrum thrives in providing independence to customers. The broker focuses on building an excellent trading and investment environment and then leaves the customer to exercise their autonomy. Thanks to the level of control and opportunities at your disposal, you will feel independent immediately. 

The broker offers numerous investment opportunities for traders. They include stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and options. As a customer, you can choose any asset category to trade in. Also, you decide how much money to invest in a particular asset and how often you can trade.


GMT Centrum has adopted the mantra of tireless innovation. Through it, the broker has consistently come up with unique creations and products to meet the customers’ needs and expectations. Innovation drives the products and the entire trading experience through the excellent trading platform.

With this innovative attitude, you can be sure of getting new and fresh opportunities and experiences with this broker. Trading is a unique experience because of the new things that often come up. From a trader’s perspective, this trading platform is never dull and always encourages one to trade.

Global Market Presence

GMT Centrum offers access to multiple countries worldwide. You can decide to trade locally or internationally. You can decide to trade in stocks of companies from other countries. You can also exploit opportunities available locally within your country.

To further encourage international trading and investment, the broker includes fantastic opportunities in the best global brands. You can quickly start trading in the stock of an extensive global brand through the platform. Moreover, the platform does the background work for you in terms of looking for opportunities.

GMT Centrum Fees and Commissions

GMT Centrumoffers a zero-commission on US stocks, ETFs, and options. For bonds and mutual funds, the broker charges low commissions. The idea is to provide an affordable and exciting trading experience for all traders, especially beginners.

GMT Centrum Final Verdict

GMT Centrum is a good broker for beginners, expert traders, and investors. However, if you prefer mobile trading, you may have to look elsewhere. But the overall experience trading with this broker is fantastic. Nevertheless, contact GMT Centrum for more information and guidance on ways to boost your profits. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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