20 Online Tools that can help Entrepreneurs in 2018

20 online tools that can help entrepreneurs in 2018

Many people believe that if they start a business they need thousands of dollars and partners or employees working for them. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the entrepreneur world.
Having all those would be great but that comes at a later stage when your business grows and you need to expand. If you are starting solo, you can utilize some amazing online resources and tools that can help you a long the way.
In this article you will get 20 free tools that can help you with your business. If you decide to use any of these tools for your business do comment below and let me know which ones you are using and how has it benefited you.
Have a business idea and need to get funding for it? Create a profile on kickstarter and promote your project to get people interested in it. One of the fastest ways to build a customer base, and get investment before evening starting.
You can use pablo to create engaging images for your social media platforms. It is easy to use and free as well.
If you are looking to promote your startup, increase brand awareness and also get press coverage than this is a good tool to use.
If you are starting a tech business then UI movement will be great for your business. They will send you 5 UI animators to your email every week. You can also get some inspiration from them on how to create your own UI designs.
I have recently started using quora myself and its the best platform to engage with people from around the world. You can market your business, answer peoples questions, or even ask people for help in your own business. Definitely give Quora a try.
Working on your startups website but don’t want to spend money on the premium themes? Check out temple stash, they have free themes for all niches.
If you have teammates working with you on your startup then Trello would be an ideal platform to use to collaborate and share work amongst each other. You will definitely get a lot more work done using trello as it is organized and you can prioritize what tasks are more important than others.
Sumome is the go to place for social media. They have all the tools you will need; social media sharing tool, email opt in tools, welcome mat and a lot more. You will be able to grow your email list, increase traffic and everything can be done on autopilot.
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on getting logos created now. You can easily create a fun and professional logo using logodust.
startupily is a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful content, resources, and tools to start and grow their own business. You can get excellent ebooks that will help you with several aspects of your business, they also have a database of over 100 business documents (marketing reports, digital marketing worksheets, business plan samples/templates, legal agreements, project management and so much more).
Typeform is a new and engaging tool to use when you want people to contact you, fill out forms or questionnaires or anything else to gather data. It is interactive and very professional.
When you make your first sale its always good to send your customer a generator. Most new startups dont think about this. It makes your company look professional if you send the customer an invoice. Invoice generator is a great tool to use in creating them.
If you are starting a business then the first thing you go to to is invest in yourself. Start reading books to learn and increase your skillset. Blinklist is a great tool to use as they give access to key insights of bestselling books that you can read or listen to in less than 30 minutes.
Secretentourage is an online academy that provides excellent content, videos and tutorials from successful entrepreneurs who have made it big in their fields. I am personally a member here and use their resources all the time.
This awesome tool notifies you whenever your customer opens your email. This will keep you organized and you can track your conversations easily. You can also schedule when to send the client a follow up email.
Visme is an excellent tool to use if you need to create powerful visual stories in the form of presentations, infographics and social media posts.
If you don’t have time to manage your social media posts and manage all your accounts then buffer is a tool to use. All you have to do is input the content you want to share and set up the days and times that they should be shared and buffer will do everything automatically. This way you can free up time and focus on other tasks in hand.
if you are doing market research and need data on who your customers are then you can easily create a survey using survey monkey and analyze the data you gather.
The macro is Y Combinators blog section where they publish videos, and content about startups, business and educational content that could help in your business.
You can learn powerful coding skills like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node and several other coding languages for free on this platform.
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