2020 Pandemic: With The Beginning Of The New Year, Let’s Not Forget The Important Lessons That 2020 Pandemic Taught Us

2020 Pandemic: With The Beginning Of The New Year, Let’s Not Forget The Important Lessons That 2020 Pandemic Taught Us

Coronavirus outbreak was started in Wuhan. When an alarm of such an outbreak was given, it didn’t sound serious. China witnessed a great loss. It was such shocking news that shook us from head to toe. But we never expected it to cause the damage that we are facing now. When we look back at this year, more precisely – a pandemic filled year, we should really brace ourselves for the days we have lived, the year that we lived through.

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When WHO briefed about this virus and its transmission, the countries were starting to sense the emergency they were being pushed into. Soon after that, lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, countries economy fallout, and what not! We can also remember the incidents that place Italy at the mercy of the lord. Yes, when every day 500-600 people were dying due to coronavirus when the prime minister of Italy apologizes with tears filled eyes, left us all speechless. This event was a turning point. It sowed fear and terror in people’s hearts. 

A world that was trying to overpower one and another, continuously running on a treadmill, stopped at once! Even a broken clock will show the right time twice, but this virus was paralyzing. The economy, people’s lives, career, education, travel, food, all came to a full stop, no, not quite a full stop, maybe a semicolon, life has to continue beyond it, it kept running, but these sudden turns of events made the world stop rotating for a minute.

When we glimpse back what a year it has been, there isn’t a single word we can comprise it into, but if there is any word that comes even close to it, then it will be – Exhausting. Yes, this pandemic was an Exhausting one. But the real fact is, we are still living through it, and this virus isn’t showing any sign of departure. 

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There are so many things this pandemic has thought us. One of them is how important personal and environmental hygiene and health are. The quarantine and lockdown period resulted in reduced CO2 emissions. But nevertheless, the extreme weather events we had to face due to climate change has been massive. From raging wildfires burning through the forest to cyclones causing heavy floods, 2020 has braced itself from so many things that were happening back-to-back.

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But this pandemic did teach us how important it cares for our nature. When all countries were in strict lockdown, we even saw the mending of the Ozone hole. Isn’t that astonishing how beautifully we all are connected? Running behind career and life, we have forgotten our effects or relationship with this earth.

We are merely an animal who had inhabited mother earth’s place. Our lives depend on it. This virus seems like a curse that surged through every vein in this planet just so, the earth can restore itself a little bit. Environment and human being are dependent, we take from it, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. 

Experiencing Mental Pressure Within Four Walls:

The impact of coronavirus is well known. This virus has come with the intention of forging its name into history. Well, it quite achieved its mark. But what people around the world aren’t talking about is what they have gone through in an emotional sense. The pressure was not something we can name as temporary stress and shake it off. But a real mental weightage. In fact, people preferred death to face this pandemic. It was such an intense one. Every news kept projecting the same thing, every newspaper heading were the same things, everyone’s mind was filled with the same thing.

With countries beginning to fall into lockdown, it gave a feeling that it would be temporary. But today when we look back into it, it wasn’t a temporary one, it lasted so long enough that we’re so sick of being messed up with our own thoughts and fear that people preferred risking their lives to go and work again.

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From students to the elderly, all were a victim of it. One thing we noticed is, mental health isn’t given as important as a physical one. It is still considered taboo to talk about your own feelings. It’s the beginning of a new era now and we do not know what this one is yet to bring, but we have survived finally 2020. 

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Physical health and mental health are the two sides of the same coin. Two aspects of our wellbeing. 2020 has been traumatizing emotionally and physically. We cannot deny its effect any less. But many events that happened across the world, drew our attention. The suicide rate around the world has increased by 2-fold.

Research and study explain that the need for mental health awareness has to be increased and this pandemic showed us how a lack of such awareness was a big driving factor for mental stress under pandemic. With schools and colleges still closed, online classes have been a stressful event. The need for people to voice out their concerns and the assurance that they are welcomed should be preached.

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We need to hold hands with each other and spread peace, life, and unity without letting any division or border dividing us. This pandemic thought us many things, but they need to be heard and understood has been a primary one. At least from on, as people are getting adapted to live with pandemics, they need to know how important we are connected with our environment and how closely our mental Health matters. Hopefully, we use all the lessons 2020 has taught us and make the most of this new beginning. 

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