6 Feet And Above Are More Likely To Obtain COVID-19, Suggests A New Study- Viral Myth Posts On Coronavirus Exposed!

We’ve been hearing various news about COVID-19 and this is a virus we have all been trying to understand even 6 months after it was first declared, there has still not been any clarity as of how it spreads, what type of people it most affects and what is the mode of transformation, but now a recent study has put out another piece of interesting data that might come as surprise to a lot of people, especially to those who are 6 feet tall. So in case, you are 6 feet tall or know someone who is 6 feet tall, this news is for you. Data from 2000 people in the US and UK have shown that men above 6 feet we’re twice as likely diagnosed with coronavirus. Yes, 1000 people were in the US and 1000 people were in the UK and 399 were 6 feet tall. Survey results were also analyzed by a team of data scientists in the UK, Norway, and the US. This was led by a team of experts this hasn’t been published yet. But the team of experts we’re from the University of Oxford which goes on to show that this study does has some sort of credibility. The study looked at some range of personal and work-related factors that may have to affect the risk of COVID-19 because this is a virus that is this enigmatic despite it being 6 months since it first started spreading and a lot of people started getting infected.

But why does this happen? Is there some sort of genetic mutation that happens or is there a sort of genetic vulnerability that leads people over 6 feet? Well, the researchers have said that this does not actually mean that tall people are somehow genetically more vulnerable to infection than those lesser than 6 feet. So, this probably means that, the fact that there has been a lot of discussion about how Air born transmission is affecting a lot of people and how it might actually be a reality and Aerosols that can actually linger around the air even after concealed. All of this could be contributing to the fact that people over 6 feet are contracting the virus because initially it was believed that that virus is mainly spread through sneezing and coughing but now it has come to that lingering particle hindering aerosols in the air also could go ahead and affect people who susceptible to such diseases and virus in particular.

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The World Health Organization, however, has said that there is evidence that is emerging about this particular possibility but there is no clarity about the again leaves everyone in a bit of fix because there is neither a confirmation from them nor denial. So that again contributes to the mystery around this. So does this mean that Indians are more susceptible or are we less susceptible? Well, that remains a mystery because looking at the average height of the Indian man is around 5 feet 4.93 inches which is much lesser than the cutoff mark of this particular destiny but has does not mean you are safe, we still have to take precautions and still have to maintain social distancing hygiene and follow all the protocols that are in place to keep yourself safe. This study is yet to be published but it has gone and highlighted how much of a serious concern Airborne transmission is and WHO has to come up and somehow give clarity about more of this particular mode of transmission because all of these factors also come inside the big picture and this is how cumulative the stats we are looking at is as far as spreading is concerned or as far as height is concerned or any other things are coming to the picture. Genetically it is not understandable as of now but this really the case that is contributing to the airborne transmission and is the direct result of that. 

Fact check- Are these viral posts actually true?

With the increased time many of us have at home you may be spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube likely people on your feet are posting about a coronavirus. But how do you separate fact from fiction? They seem helpful, the viral post full of advice on how to treat coronavirus, how to kill coronavirus, and even how to test for coronavirus, but the problem is many of them simply aren’t true. Like this viral post claiming drinking water every 15 minutes will flush the virus into your stomach where acid will kill it. The truth is It’s FAKE. This myth doesn’t really pan or because it’s more of a digestive answer for a respiratory problem. Viral post claims specifically drinking warm water is effective against the virus. The truth is its FAKE. People have come up with his possibility because there has been some discussion over the virus replicating in our throats but again this is a respiratory virus. Instead of drinking water, another post falsely claims gargling with salt water or vinegar eliminates the virus. People, who have sore throats which can be a symptom if COVID 19 virus, find that this helps relieve their sore throats but eliminating the virus? Nope, it just can’t.


Some on YouTube suggest drinking miracle mineral solution or MMS which FDA says when prepared as instructed becomes chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide every pathogen, ever virus, but the FDA warns ingesting this product is as same as drinking BLEACH! This could cause serious and potentially life-threatening effects. What if you just want to know if you have the virus? One post mention that you must have a dry cough and no running nose. But it’s so not true. People come with all sorts of symptoms including lack of smell, diarrhea so the short answer is each person will probably have different symptoms to the covid19 virus May of which will probably be mild. Another post falsely claims you are not infected if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing. Oh please! This is also not true. Only some people are presenting with the cough, so if you find you have symptoms that are similar to flu or cold at this point of time just assume you have COVID 19 and self-isolate yourself.


Therefore, with so much information out there, how do you spot a fake? During on research, there was a draft new advice asking yourself how the message makes you feel. Does it make you want to buy something?  Like, Share, Subscribe? Does it make you fear or hate someone? Do you find it funny or shocking? Each of these can serve as a warning that you may be looking at misinformation. And whenever possible get your info from a vetted medical source like the World Health Organization or Nation institutes of Health. One more thing you can do is check the source of information. Some show the message claims to come from Oxford or Stanford medicine but if you go to their website you can find that it’s not true. So if you have questions about COVID-19 go straight to a reputable source or ask your doctor and if you’re not sure if something are true, then don’t share it. Stay home. Stay safe. 

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