6 Types of Clients Every Startup Must Fire Right Away

6 types of clients every startup must fire right away

Fire your client? Most business owners aren’t even aware that it’s possible! Just because they want to make sure they have a regular income flow startups accept every client that comes along and in the end have horrible working experience with them or worse – bad reviews and referrals.  Getting clients doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience so long as you know how to identify the 6 types of clients you must fire immediately before it gets too late.
Clients are the livewire of every business, but that doesn’t mean that you should work with every client who wants to hire you. While some clients are a pleasure to work with there are some that will make you want to pull your hair out.
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Bad clients not only cause headaches, allowing them to stay too long can kill the reputation of your business with bad reviews and shatter the confidence you have in the business you were once proud of.
If you’re working with any of these kinds of clients then you should fire them – it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

The one who asks for more than the scope of the project but isn’t willing to pay for the additional

Before you start working on a project, the scope of the project needs to be clearly defined so you know exactly what you are meant to do and you client knows what they’re going to expect.
The scope of the project is outlined and written in the contract which your client signs. At first this kind of client appears harmless but when you’re into the project they begin to show their true colors.
It starts with them asking for more features – little inconsequential additions you feel it won’t cause any harm to provide, after all they’re just so nice. One feature, leads to another and then another and this time you ask them to pay for the additional but they refuse to pay for it because it’s not in the contract.
At the end of the day, this client makes you work so much for the same pay.
You need to know when to draw the line when it comes to offering a service otherwise your clients will think that they could get whatever they ask for. Let them know that whatever they add to the scope of the project has to be paid for. And be firm about it. If they refuse, then fire them immediately.

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The one who keeps complains about your rates

No matter how low your rates are there are some clients that would still complain that your rates are too high. You need to understand that the price of your product or service doesn’t determine whether your clients will hire you or buy from you or not. Pricing must be based on how much value you are offering your clients.
So don’t be perturbed when your client complains about your rates. You need to make sure that you stand by your rates even if your client throws a tantrum. Just the way you need to stand by the scope of your project, you have to stand by your rates too.
Once your client starts to complain about your rates, the best thing you can do is to give them back their money and tell them to go elsewhere.

The one who’s the control freak

You can never have peace when you have this kind of clients around. They basically try to run your business for you. Although they hired you to do the work for them, they don’t trust you enough to handle the project.
This kind of client will tell you make tweaks and checks every now and then to make sure that you are following their specifications. It’s like they are breathing down your neck every minute while you work. This creates a lot of tension between you and your client and you want work efficiently under such conditions.
A client who can’t trust you to do the job shouldn’t be allowed to stay a minute longer. And that means one thing – it’s game over for them.

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The one who doesn’t know what exactly they want

When a client hires your services, there are some specific details they would like in the project. These specs are what gives the project its shape. But if your client has no idea what exactly they want then it makes it extremely difficult to deliver exceptional work.
Clients who don’t know what they want are constantly asking that you change the colors, logos or structures until it looks “perfect”. Chances are that you’ll never get it right – not because you’re not good at what you do but because your client doesn’t know what he or she wants. For the sake for your well-being and sanity, show them the door.

The one who never to pays on time

Maintaining a steady cash flow is important to keep your business going. After all you’re not running a charitable organization – you’re in for the profit and you are ready to provide immense value in exchange.
You client may be great but they’re of the habit of never paying on time. After the deposit, your client owes you the duty to pay you as at when due. If after repeated reminders they fail to pay when they’re supposed to, then you better discontinue working with them in the future.

The one who’s not responsible

So you have a call scheduled with your client. You’ve created a slot for your client, prepared for the call, did background research, and imagined how you’ll smile to the bank having crushed your income goal for the month. But this client never shows up for the call.
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It’s so important to make sure that you use your time wisely and being sidetracked by clients like this makes you less productive.
The success of the project also requires your client to do their part to make. The project is a two-way affair. If your client is not responsible enough to hold their end of the bargain, then you have to let them go.
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