63 years old in Mumbai, 67 years old in Surat and 38 years old in Patna; So far 7 died, 6 had diabetes

  • On 17 March, a coronavirus patient died at Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai.
  • 1 – 1 lives have been lost from Corona in Kalburgi, Karnataka, Delhi and Nawanshahar in Punjab.

The situation of coronavirus in the country is becoming serious. For the first time, a case of 3 deaths has been reported in a day. A 63-year-old patient died on Saturday night in Mumbai. He had diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. On Saturday night, 38-year-old Saif Ali died in Patna. Saif hailing from Munger recently came from Qatar. Was admitted to AIIMS on 20 March. Saif was a diabetic patient, his kidney was also poor. This is the first case of death under 60 years of age. On Sunday, a 67-year-old man died in Surat, Gujarat. He was an asthma patient and both kidneys had failed. So far, the death toll of coronavirus in the country has increased to 7.

Superintendent CM Singh of Patna AIIMS said, “Saif already had kidney disease. He was on dialysis. Simultaneously the symptoms of Corona developed in him, the sample was sent to RMRI. He died on Saturday. The report found on Sunday revealed that he was Corona positive. Corona currently has 6 suspects in AIIMS. Their samples have also been sent for investigation. “

6 dead had diabetes

  • March 10: A 75-year-old suspect died in Kalaburgi, Karnataka. The infection was confirmed a day later.
  • March 13: 68-year-old dies in Delhi. Was infected from son.
  • March 17: A 64-year-old died at Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai. The husband and wife returned from Dubai.
  • March 18: A 70-year old died in Pathalawa village of Nawanshahar, Punjab. Returned from Italy-Germany.
  • March 21 night: A 63-year-old patient died in Mumbai.
  • The night of March 21: 38-year-old Saif Ali died in Patna AIIMS. Came from Qatar.
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Situation critical in Maharashtra, 74 cases so far
The state of coronavirus has become critical in the state. There are 10 new cases reported in 24 hours. 6 of these are in Mumbai and 4 in Pune. So far coronavirus has been confirmed in 74 patients here, who are continuing treatment in different hospitals of the state. All the schools, colleges, gyms and swimming pools in the state have been closed. Private classes, examinations have also been ordered to be postponed. The government has banned any kind of religious or social programs. Many temples in the state have been closed for devotees. Work will go for only 2 hours in the High Court and 3 hours in the district courts. After getting the most patients in Pune, the Shaniwarwada fort here has also been closed indefinitely. Seal is being stamped on the left hand of patients kept in isolation in Maharashtra.

On March 17, a 64-year-old died in Mumbai’s Kasturba Hospital. On March 1, Pune’s husband-wife and their daughter returned to Mumbai from Dubai. They had booked a taxi from Mumbai International Airport to Pune. The husband-wife and their daughter were later infected with the coronavirus. Later, 2 more people and drivers traveling in the same taxi also became infected. A sick elderly died in Buldhana, Maharashtra, but later his report came back negative.

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