5 Common Mistakes People Should Avoid While Using Programmable Thermostats

When you use an item, you probably do not spend long hours going through the instruction manual. You’re not alone though – thousands of people around the world miss out on those vital sheets of paper and move on to try their purchases. The result might not always be the best and people end up making mistakes. Thermostats too form part of this long list of products people often make mistakes about. Here are five common mistakes that people make with their programmable thermostats.
1. An Improper Thermostat Temperature
A lot of people do not realize that the thermostat temperature needs to be regulated regularly. Having a thermostat set to a default temperature and keeping it there can lead to a lot of discomfort. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature or an improper one can result in expensive bills and can waste a lot of energy.
2. Switching It On, Switching It Off
Switching off your HVAC system might not be the best thing you can do. Firstly, it does not help in reducing the bills that you generally have. The other trouble about it is that pipes often tend to develop mould and cracks may appear in the system. It is therefore, advisable to keep the HVAC running. Keeping it on and off at intervals also makes your home uncomfortable.
3. Overworking the Thermostat System
To carry on from what we said above, it is not recommended to keep your thermostat running for all twenty-four hours in a day. It has been reported before that such practices may seriously hamper the working conditions of the thermostat systems and ruin them altogether. The best thing to do instead is keep the system turned off for at least an hour each day. This may happen anytime – maybe for the duration of your trip to the supermarket or when going to the neighbor’s for tea.
4. Assuming the Wrong Things Doesn’t Work Well
A lot of people imagine that their thermostats are quick coolers or heaters. This would be wrong. Thermostats work as temperature limiters and their primary function is to cool or warm your house by limiting the temperature. The common system that they work on requires them to monitor and maintain the temperature of your house to your chosen option. Do not think that your thermostat can cool or warm your house very quickly.
5. Not Watching for the Signals of Damage
Perhaps the most common of mistakes that people make are the most dangerous too. Thermostats need a lot of maintenance, depending on how old the systems are. Firstly, you must keep a maintenance schedule for your system. This can be easily arranged with the company that you purchased the system from. Many firms even offer you a chance to sign a maintenance contract in lieu of which they routinely service the system. Sometimes, you may notice cracks or unequal heating in the thermostat. Cracks can occur for multiple reasons. Mould is another problem on these systems and its development can be harmful for both the hygiene of your house as well as the thermostat itself. If the requirement arises to do so, consider even changing the pipes after a certain period of time.
Thermostats are a great thing to have at home. They solve the trouble of having multiple cooling and heating devices, while allowing you to work in a modest temperature of your choice in all corners of your house. For cold wintry days and long hot ones, thermostats allow you to relax consistently at all times. Nowadays, they can even be controlled through your smartphone or electronic device. Note however, that the thermostat will do its job well only if you care for it and keep it in a good working condition. So, go ahead and work on your device to ensure it a longer life and better working capabilities.

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