Ajaita Shah: The Woman Who Brought Light & Hope In The Life Of Rural Women

Born and brought up in New York, it was impossible for Ajaita to know the real picture of rural India. However, she always had her roots deep in the country as her parents were originally from the state of Rajasthan. She was born in a rich family and her father owned a Jaipur Jain Jewelry Community long chain of jewelers. She never needed to take a peep into the rural and do something for them. But that was not the type of person Ajaita was.

She had loads of love for traveling in her heart. However, it was only in 2003, when she was able to visit India, and once she did, it was there when everything began. During her visit to the country, she came across the fact that around 70 percent of the country had the issue of the power grid and needed an infrastructure which would be able to cater the needs of rural India. In almost every rural household, the problem of electricity and water was a persistent issue. Ajaita was not the kind of person to know about these issues and do nothing. So, she finally stood up to the cause and finally launched her entrepreneur model and initiative, the Frontier Markets.

Ajaita Shah is the founder and CEO of Frontier Markets. She initiated a business which she started because she wanted to sell solar energy powered products to the rural communities of the country at an affordable cost so that there would be no suffering due to the absence of light, electricity, and water as well. well, as we expected, she was successful in her venture and sold about 10,000 Solar solutions across all the rural households in the country.

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Even after being far away from the rural mentality and condition in a city like New York, she never considered the problem of India, not to be hers. She knew that people in the rural especially women who suffer in the households without electricity needed to be provided with resources which would aid their quality of life and help them in a lot of ways. it was her love towards her country, her humility, and generosity and the will to do something for her own country that turned her into being featured in the Top 30 list for Social Entrepreneurs by Forbes.

Not only does she provide solar energy product solutions to the various households but spends a lot of time on the filed locations to make the people aware about how this can be helpful to them and solve their problem. It is her realization towards the need of her country despite being brought up in a far away nation. With her fearless attitude and worthiness of creativity and skill, she rose to the cause and brought in the country a phase and a revolution that changed the rural life in the country and brought light and hope in their lives.

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