Anisha Singh: Founder Of MyDala

A noted name which comes to mind when we talk about women entrepreneurs is Anisha Singh who leads one of the largest marketing platforms for local services in India, Anisha is the CEO and founder of along with that she is also an international speaker and likes to talk about entrepreneurship to people and believes that there is pure happiness in being your own boss and leading life your way by doing things which you are passionate about instead of working all your life to accomplish the dreams of others that do not belong to you.

Her company, began under her leadership in the year 2009 and since then it has only grown and nothing else. This platform of hers has become one of the largest local services marketing platforms in the country. However, this is not how she started. She began her career in Capitol Hill, with the Clinton administration and started helping various women entrepreneurs to raise funds for their businesses to turn their innovative dream businesses into reality. Soon after that, she joined Centra Software in Boston where she associated herself with Fortune 500 companies and facilitated them by setting them their e-learning ecosystems.

However, he did not find her forever happiness at those areas and decided to come back to where her roots were, to her country, India. After she returned to India, she launched Kinis Software Solutions which was a digital solution providing company which dealt with only real estate companies in the United States. And so, you know, is her second company. She is the owner of two amazingly running ventures. Under mydala, she has worked with almost 130,000 merchants across 209 cities and has 38 million registered users on All of this did happen to her because she showed immense courage.

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All of us dream to work in a company aboard where the pay is well. however, what she chose was beyond anybody’s limits. She reinforced her talent, energy, work, and skill, in something that she was passionate about and was her own. She chose to chase her dreams instead of chasing someone else’s. Of course, it involved risk, but a woman like Anisha would never care because she knew she had wings, and if she showed the courage to jump, she would not fall but only fly. So, did she.

Soon after her accomplishment, she was awarded Zee TV Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2016, e-INC / eTales Awards for e-Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, and we are sure that there is so much more to come her way. Her accomplishments are not only her story to tell, but also an inspiration for all the women out there who have in them to rock their world but are counter powered by fear. Hopefully, Anisha’s story will let you flap your wings!

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