The covid-19 pandemic hue has manifested another dramatic overhaul. Sadananda Gowda’s Exclusive Statement

The humanitarian crisis of the global pandemic has left its wounds across millions of lives in dissonant times. The long-awaiting prolepsis around the vaccine production had upheaved our hopes that the pandemic might be on the verge of forging a decline. The harsh forbearance is that the government wasn’t even devising a plan for further assistance of vaccine supplies across the states. It has marked down one of the calamitic castigations that the states have to undergo because of the government’s incompetence. A recent incident is a virtue of the hypocritical viewpoint adopted on the national forefront.

Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers DV Sadananda Gowda on Thursday grilled the condemnation faced by the government regarding the shortage of vaccine production up to the desired expectations. He catechized to know whether the people in their supremacy should hang themselves for their bungling and collapse to produce vaccines under the directives of the government. The statement that braided thousands of conflicting comments got attributed to Gowda.

“The court has with virtuous determination said every citizen across the nation eligible should get vaccinated. I want to ask you if the court tomorrow decides that a certain amount of vaccine production needs to be carried out, if it has not been produced yet, should we hang ourselves,” Gowda told reporters.

While his comments were derogatory, his aim was coherent claiming, that the government not gets guided by any political gain or avenue. He further stated that they are working out a revolutionary movement amid the global pandemic, and it is paramount to be a fair egalitarian distribution of the vaccines across states. Following the verdict of the Karnataka High Court that pulled up the states, and central government for the hindering stride of vaccines in the state. The predominant way to devise a plan was subsequently proposed by the Ministry as the plunged vaccine production paved the way for many queries from the citizens.

Around India during global pandemic, there is a perspective view of many propagators in the law that what should happen in case the state governments in collaboration with the central government are not able to produce or administer adequate vaccines. Protagonists have come up with their synoptic conviction, where the masses believe that the politicians should resign from their peremptory position. The chances of such a plight are inevitably getting grim. Nevertheless, the civil administrations and the government desks could deal with the throbbing of the Coronavirus pandemic, but they couldn’t care less apart from anything above than their political adroitness.

Government Action’s Plan To Curb the Risk of the Pandemic.

Union minister Sadananda Gowda brings gag order on media - The Week

Replying to the queries on the shortage of vaccine, the Union Minister underlined the plan of action designed by the government and said the recommendations are not steered through any political hue, and we are looking to ameliorate the situation of the pandemic. It does not get riveted to any other reason, and the sole promulgation is to take strict actions towards ramping up vaccine production. While it’s obvious that the nation’s biggest concern has been surrounding vaccination administration, the government’s bearings have made it burdensome to carry it out rapidly.

Gowda said that the government had been captivated towards doing its job sincerely and honestly amid the elevating perils of the pandemic. The hypocrisy in the proclamation of false narratives around the government’s initiatives to progress with the vaccination program has been inescapably observed. We believe our synopsis to be truthful because of some eminent reasons. Despite the shortcomings hindering the growth and efficiency rates for the vaccine, the government has done little to ease its policies to ensure an even-handed supply of vaccines.

He denied reports that claimed to commence the vaccination drive for all adults from May 1 was merely creating a perception of change. Vaccine site has crashed several times, and the bizarre jangling around the opening of the slots has left the situation stranded into perplexion. The vaccine stocks have dried up in many states, and it is pursuing a surge of distress emotions across the citizens. Even claiming that the government has put its best foot forward is a delusion.

Gowda, who has previously served as the 20th Chief Minister of Karnataka has an integral ministerial portfolio that includes regulation of the pharma sector. The High Court had mandated the Central government to corroborate 1,200 Metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen to meet the stipulation of the ailing patients suffering from the disastrous wave of the coronavirus pandemic. However, after several failed attempts by the Central government to sustain the order, the apex court directed the Union government to go ahead procuring the medical supplies with immediate effect. And that’s why Gowda has been agitated over the negligence of the central government. It has mounted up the burdens of the rapid pace of vaccine production in the state.

BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi, who was also present at the press conference, claimed that things would have been worse had the preparations stalled during the inception of the third phase of the vaccination drive. He stated the government response has been ultimate towards handling the fatalities and infections. “If proper arrangements did not get the consent beforehand then the state of affairs would have been much worse and the fatalities could have exhausted to uncontrollable levels, mounting up by 10 or 100 times more.,” Ravi said.


Regarding the pulling up by the courts on the issue of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ravi said,” Judges are not Sarvajna(a contextual word from the Kannada language). Whatever information is being communicated to us, based on that the technical advisory committee will outlay a plan on how much vaccine could get supplied within a specific period. Based on the analysis and expertise of the team, we will then in coordination with the Union Ministry take a decision.” The prolonged process does not only get highly critiqued but has had large-scale implications all around.

Contemplating the overview of the predicament, Karnataka has suspended vaccination for the 18-44 age group from Friday due to the paucity of the existing doses of the vaccines. Despite the alarming emergency of the pandemic, the authorities have collectively failed to curb the infections, which could have been possible with the heavyweight rollouts of the vaccine in gigantic supplies.

It has been the storyline of India, which leads us back to the fact that the vaccination phase from May 1 was just to uplift the moods of the citizens and create a viewpoint of control within the system. The demand for vaccines has grown manifold as the state is one of the epicenter hotspots of the pandemic. According to the Karnataka government officials, the State had placed an order of three crore vaccines, out of which only seven lakh doses have arrived. The catastrophe has gone down the wire.

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