As Covid-19 Have Hit the Theme Park Business, Disney to Lay-Off 28,000 Employees

Entertainment giant Disney has recently taken to the media and announced that it will lay off 28,000 theme park work all because of the prolonged effect happening for the coronavirus aftermath.  Many other theme parks are choosing the same aftermath.

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“As dreadful as it is to take this action, this is the only viable option we have in light of the protracted effect of Covid-19 on the business, including restricted capacity due to physical distancing requirements and the continued uncertainty about the duration of this pandemic,” Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks has been quoted as saying by The New York Times (NYT).

Disney to lay off 28,000 employees as coronavirus slams theme park business

The Happiest place on earth

About two-thirds of the employees who are being laid off are part-time workers. Disney has shut their theme park worldwide because of the growing concern that happened for the novel coronavirus. When Disney was named as the Happiest place on earth, the theme park decided to close its gates and after reopening, the company decided to open with social distancing norms in mind.

‘We understand that everyone is looking out for themselves. But a lot of parents are showing their growing concern for kids and that is why we still don’t have many visitors like we used to. Our management has decided to lay off workers on a gradual basis’.

Back in California and Florida alone, Disney used near 110,000 in its theme parks before the pandemic.  After the recently announced job reductions, it will be decreased to about 82,000.  The layoffs were aggravated in California from the nation’s Unwillingness to raise restrictions that would allow Disneyland to Reopen, D’Amaro stated in a statement.  In mid-July, the Walt Disney World in Florida had drifted partially.

Disney to lay off 28,000 employees as COVID-19 continues to hammer its businesses | Fox Business

However, the attendance has been low as a result of worries over coronavirus. Consistent with the NYT, Disney will now start negotiations with unions which represent the majority of the affected employees.  Following Johns Hopkins University, the US continues to be the worst affected nation by the pandemic with 7,180,411 COVID-19 instances and 205,774 deaths.

orange County has said that accordingly, the state has reported the most cases after the government decided to manage out the numbers for the COVID positive. This has happened over the coming year. Now, most of the theme parks are going around, the tests that have positive results, of 3.1% — below the state-wide 3.4% rate.

Disney to lay off 28,000 at its parks in California, Florida - 6abc Philadelphia

Minimize the health and Financial dangers

Last week, Disney urged California officials to issue guidelines that would enable Disneyland to welcome visitors.  On had taken a science-based method of reopening that targeted to “minimize the health and financial dangers that would be brought about by opening and Shutting repeatedly.”

Disney is laying off 28,000 employees in the US as pandemic hammers its theme parks

Most of the customers are getting to know about the news and the employees working there are not happy. ‘We have heard about the decision which is made by the management. But we are still trying to check out a possible way through which we can find out, what can be done. We although have asked the management to lend us sometime before the layoff and will see how they can go about it’.

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