Ashok Leyland Upgrades Commercial Vehicles with the launch of Digital NXT Solutions

Ashok Leyland introduced New Digital Solutions for its Commercial Vehicle Customers. The system helps customers to manage their enterprise from any location. It comes with options like iAlert 3.0, AL Cares and uptime Solution Centre. It has the potential of 1000Cr Revenue in 3-5years.

Ashok Leyland has increased its technological range for Commercial Vehicles (Cvs) by incorporating an industry-first combination of three innovative digital solutions. In 2017, India’s first digital solutions for commercial vehicles developed a philosophy for the brand of “Aapki Jeet. Hamari Jeet”. The stage was set for the company to excel in bringing better solutions.

Ashok Leyland’s DigitAL Nxt Solutions main features will delegate more control of customers to better manage their business from any distance and enhance their profitability. In an articulation by Mr Vipin Sondhi (M.D and CEO of Ashok Leyland), he said that Ashok Leyland have heavily invested in making these advanced arrangements for clients to improve efficiency, performance and profitability anytime and anywhere.

And rightfully so, the company has branded this new technology as the new advancement in Commercial Vehicle Management and Business with the incorporation of a smartphone and other tools to reach and evaluate their CVs.

What does this technology offer?

There are three primary features provided by this platform. They are:

  • i-Alert 3.0– It offers a simplified & intuitive approach to monitor vital vehicle information and manage their fleet. This industry to begin with cutting edge improved telematics application addresses the specialized complexities of BS-VI and offers differing benefits cutting following of the vehicles, geo fencing, trip administration etc.
  • AL Cares– This feature takes care of the end-to-end business needs and its feature can range from quick access to vehicle details in no time. The e-locker facility to store and access the documents related to the vehicle and reminders of services due, convenient service booking and real time alerts are also provided in this feature.

Ashok Leyland Care (AL Care) comes with options such as a fast entry to car particulars, e-locker facility for car paperwork, service due reminders, handy service reserving, and real-time alerts.

  • Uptime Solution Centre– This stage leverage the control to uptime benefits for clients by interfacing it with vehicle innovation to usher in a new era. Distinguished potential issues are solved by AI driven prognostics that offer assistance well in progress conjointly with real time examination of vehicle parameters to empower quick reactive back to induce the vehicle back on street swiftly. The uptime arrangement, which acts since the central unit for all computerized capacities provided by Ashok Leyland.
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Build on the muse of huge information and cloud connection, the stage gives AI driven prognostics that help distinguish potential focuses successfully and gives real time assessment of auto parameters to permit quick receptive help to urge the car once more on road swiftly.

The three digital solutions will ease the management of the customers and owners’ businesses with a simple touch on the screen anywhere, anytime. The recently launched AVTR Modular truck platform comes with multiple configuration options such as suspension setups, cabin options, suspension setups and drivetrain setups.

The system is capable of monitoring the vehicle’s health for its engine, fuel usage, exhaust, brakes etc. It can track the vehicle’s whereabouts and can create a geo-fence by means of a GPS or RFID Technology. Managing the trips is simplified and recorded. Route deviations in the track can be observed and changed. Fuel levels can be managed from a distance.

The system also provides an alert and report the issues that may occur. It is also diligent in sending service reminders. It is also capable of fleet management and dealer locator. The operators can also avoid glitches and stand clear from any expenses or unplanned delays because of the on-board telematics system that can pre-empts issues before they occur.


How will it benefit the business?

As mentioned earlier, this is an advancement in technology and with each advancement comes the benefit of better results. The aim of introducing this technology was to increase productivity and provide solutions for existing problems mainly related to management.

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The widely available and simple to use platform is a smartphone. So, integrating this in order to manage, operate and evaluate a business is made profoundly simpler and easy to do. With a simple touch of the screen, owners can view and assess each aspect of their Vehicles that are out on route and can easily plan according to it. This also improves the ability of companies to manage and organize their vehicles. The capability of using this technology is only the beginning and soon more features can be added in as time passes with each new research being done.

Now, with the introduction of this technology it becomes very difficult to cheat or manipulate the company. The contribution of the drivers and their efforts can now be evaluated better to give them better incentives. Moreover, it also allows Ashok Leyland to check out how the system fairs and upgrade their system by developing a solution for any problem that may come.

The introduction of this technology has boosted the competition for vehicles to better the other and make more prominent Commercial Vehicles to attract more companies towards them. As is the case for the internet, where introduction of Jio changed the landscape for internet providers. Similarly, Ashok Leyland has challenged other vehicle manufacturers to develop better technology. We can soon expect other companies to offer solutions for fleet management of their own.

It will drastically increase the sales rate for the company as these features can greatly affect the revenue and records of customers and clients. But it also has the added notion of increase the cost as this new advancement doesn’t come cheap. But Ashok Leyland will be able to tackle this obstacle in upcoming years as this technology becomes easier to produce and sell.

This Digital solution is also said to be customizable as per the customers’ needs and requirements. It can be used to produce vehicles that can work in different environment and for different conditions. Thus, increasing its range of functionality and ability to carry load from one place to another.

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Wrapping it up:

The competition in the automobile industry has been tight over the past few decades. With the introduction of AI into various industries, there is a wave of new innovations to be accomplished in obtaining solutions for the various issues in the automobile industry. This solution for Ashok Leyland was made in the form of Digital NXT solution where hundreds of engineers and millions of minutes were spending to develop it. This is the next step in automobile manufacturing and Commercial Vehicle services.

The Digital NXT solution is the next step on how automobiles can be managed by owners. The development of i-Alert 3.0, AL Cares & Uptime Solution Centre has eased the work load on owners who can now effectively management and organize their vehicles to increase productivity. Now, owners can regulate their vehicles on its health and improve their revenues. Reminders help customers not miss the due dates and also keeps the vehicle in check for the routes taken.

The market will soon expand and many other companies will start incorporating this system in their own type of digital solutions. This is to likely increase competition and further boost the need to advance and beat the competitors. Ashok Leyland seems to have an advantage by being the first to introduce it and increase research on it. As time progresses, there might be new features being added to solve other issues and diminish problems that can help customers and clients to better use these CVs and also to increase their sales rate.

The technology has room for improvement and can also reduce its cost over time. But until then, such a huge advancement will take time for a developing country like India to adjust with.

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