Auth0 makes its first-ever acquisition to launch new tools that protect against automated cyberattacks

Auth0 is using its first acquisition to roll out a new product that combats cyberattacks such as credential stuffing and phishing.
The Bellevue, Wash.-based startup acquired, an “anti-abuse API” that identifies blacklisted IP addresses, domains, and email addresses.
Apility is now helping power Auth0 Signals, “a collection of dynamic data feeds that enable our adaptive authentication pipeline to produce high-quality user confidence scores,” wrote Auth0 co-founder Marcus Woloski. Auth0 Signals is available as a free standalone API.
Apility founder Diego Parrilla, who is based in Madrid, started Apility as a project called back in 2016. Parrilla, who previously worked at Microsoft, is now a security software architect with Auth0. The acquisition took place this past October.
Founded in 2013, Auth0 has grown into a leading security company that processes more than 3 billion logins per month for nearly 10,000 companies worldwide. The 630-person startup has six offices around the world. It raised a $103 million funding round last year to propel its valuation above $1 billion. Auth0 is a finalist for Next Tech Titan at the GeekWire Awards.
Source: Geek Wire

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