Best Handloom Saree Brands in India

Saree is known to be the most beautiful attire in India’s culture. Whether it is worn as a traditional outfit or a modern outfit, Saree is a beauty and pride of a woman. Only in saree, a lady looks the most stunning and elegant. Women in India have a special love affair with saree. No matter what is the occasion, A saree can always come to your rescue and at the same time make you look elegant and mesmerizing. The popularity of this Indian attire is also growing in other countries. This clothing gives women an enticing look. As a saree country, India has a variety of sare brands. Let’s look at some of the most popular brands of Indian handloom sarees.

  1. Bharatsthali

A name that you can count on for exclusive, beautiful, and exquisite handmade Sarees. It has become India’s top saree brand which celebrates the age-old traditions of India. Bharatsthali has its name originating from the varied culture of India. BharatSthali has covered up the saree demand of nearly 25 states through its online website as well as the retail showroom. It is the perfect brand when you want to live up to your traditional values and buy a saree. It gives you an eclectic mix of silk sarees, cotton sarees, and linen sarees with a hand-loom. Famously known in India as the Pure Silk Saree brand – silk which is pure and authentic, Bharatsthali Kanchipuram silk sarees are sleek and sheer! it’s the perfect place for finding saree for every occasion from the choice of bridal saree, party wear & reception from the best online shopping website! The Bharatsthali saree comes from Banaras, South India, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kolkata, and is beautiful, shimmering, pure, and seamless in the texture of their cloth. Their main aim is to revive the glory of Handloom sarees and bring it back to the mainstream.

  1. Manish Malhotra Sarees

Whenever it comes to choosing sarees for a film industry event the first brand that comes to everyone’s mind is Manish Malhotra’s sarees. He is Bollywood’s most famous Saree Designer. He is praised for his glamorous outfits incorporating classic colors, artistry, blends, and embroideries. His creations are full of glitz and glamour and all of us deserve that! Bollywood ‘s foremost actresses, ranging from Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt, trust this elite designer for outfits for every occasion.

3.Satya paul sarees

Satya Paul is one of India ‘s legendary saree designers. Satya Paul Sarees can be worn regularly, in groups, events, and as well. The company has many retail shops yet still sells its collections online. He ‘s known for his stylish printed sarees. He is greatly inspired by the Indian heritage and culture, his saree looks get their inspiration from the latest fads.


The designer wear brand has established its distinctive look. The brand has maintained the legacy of a skilled craftsman since 1969 and captured the spirit of the artisans. The sarees represent in a contemporary style the antique traditions of Indian craftsmanship. This conventional dress was reinvented by top designers and experimented with fresh designs. The brand is popular with stylish and unique blouses for its cure of embroidered, handwoven, belted sarees. These online platforms will offer you sustainable fashion clothing options that roll in style, comfort, and some environment nice! Browse through them and carry your summer wardrobe with exclusive flavors. Such hand-crafted products for female clothing also make perfect gifting choices for birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals.

5.Sabyasachi sarees

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, from Kolkata, is a prominent Indian fashion designer. Sabyasachi sarees are a fantastic bridal pick. He is the one who pioneered handloom use in his fashion sets, and his sarees are also exhibited in many countries. For their parties and weddings, all the actors wear Sabyasachi sarees. His sarees are worn in films too. His sarees, worn by fashion models, can also be seen in Lakme Fashion Week.

6.Gaurang sarees

Gaurang sarees are the best when it comes to something special and breathtaking. It is one of India’s most admired saree brands. Gaurang Shah is one of India’s most reputed saree manufacturers.He is also influenced by traditional methods of the arts, crafts, and weaving. He trained himself in the country with various traditional weavers, and from then on he collaborated with them to create handmade masterpieces. Gaurang sarees have a range of exquisite hand-woven khadi sarees, silk sarees, wholesale cotton sarees, and much more. At Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Gaurang Shah opened his first shop, named ‘Gaurang.’Gaurang sarees have a wide variety of urban, bridal, indo-western, and many more offerings. He showcases his sarees of different shades and textures.

  1. Meena Bazar sarees

Another famous sare brand in the country is the Meena Bazaar located in Delhi, the marketplace for conventional women’s clothing including sarees, suits, Kurtis, and lehengas. In 1970 the brand store was established in Karol Bagh. It gives buyers wide options and offers the finest quality at the most affordable prices. You can also order the sarees online. They deliver a varied assortment of sarees such as ruffle sarees and lehenga sarees, which are the most fashionable contemporary sarees. They also have stunning bridal sets.




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