Building a Successful Start-up

When we look upon the basic driving force of the start-up one need to understand that start up is very very essential for survival of  the mankind. With the modern technology backed by huge capital investment, thinking of a start-up is very rare and that is the reason for which the people are often reluctant to start a start-up. But what next if we do not think of start-up.

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The entire mankind survival will be at stake, there will be concentration of money among the hands of few people and the end result will be not beneficial for the survival of the human. Such a luxurious human life which have risen from staying like an animal till today’s date where all the comforts are within our reach can hardly be retained by the civilization. In fact in 2014 French economist Jean Tirole Wins Nobel in Economics for Work on Regulation which provided insight into how governments can best tame powerful firms. Practically recent years have seen a literal explosion of big companies in any sectors.So start-up is definitely a start-up for survival of mankind.

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If you are keen in starting a start-up then the following issues need to be taken utmost care for seeing the real growth of people.
The basic characteristics is that you should never start it with your own saved money built over a period of your working. This is a very important thing that you should always remember. Then where to start, try generating extra money for the start-up. This can be very well generated from some other simultaneous activity which can run parallel along with your present assignment. Build some money first with an intention that the money will be dedicated to the status.

Human Resources is a key factor for success. Basically an aligned team is just as important as like as product or technology. When the organizations scale, HR teams must be informed and empowered to choose options that support the vision. Basically culture that defines and rewards alignment with core values ultimately creates a team that can learn to function with less supervision. Thus updating the company’s vision, or giving the employees ownership over specific tasks and responsibilities, actively design opportunities which shall include success in all aspects of company culture.
This 2 are basic reason for failure and ultimate collapse of the ship. Other key points are that need to be studied are as follows.

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A. It is wiser to separate your business from your personal account.
B. The thought process and the business module need to be kept secret. It is wiser to confide everything from your spouse too and set time aside for personal life.
C. The accounts must be maintained professionally from day one.
D. Keep in mind that legal help is essential and Get legal help to guard against litigation.
Finally stay healthy and think creatively to develop a positive habit.
Interestingly some says that start ups are Dog-friendly offices, TT tables, exercise ball chairs and free food, carom boards, chess, playing cards are just some of the common benefits associated with working at a startup. The main thrust are at the heart of creating a great workplace with a desirable culture extends far beyond these tangible benefits. The startups offer the unique opportunity to build an enduring company culture from the ground up. Start a start-up for bringing goals to life and executing your competitive strategy

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