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ChatGPT has a new competitor as Baidu joins the race to launch its own chatbot in 2023

China’s giant multinational technology company, Baidu, is launching a rival to Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT.Based on a Reuters report, Baidu will launch the application as a standalone at first and gradually integrate it into the search engine. The chatbot will conversationally help to pride results, and the model is yet to be named and will be released in March this year.

Baidu is often called Google in China and has been investing majorly in artificial intelligence and machine learning over the last few years. The company has planned to integrate the chatbot with its search results. It aims to give tough competition to Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google.

Baidu has invested a huge amount in AI technology which includes cloud services, chips, and autonomous driving. They have aimed to do so to diversify their sources of revenue.
The new chatbot will be included in the company’s source of AI-powered products. It consists of the company’s search engine and the virtual voice assistant. It has been anticipated that the launch of Baidu’s app will accuse a lot of riffs in the AI industry.

The Baidu Inc. logo is displayed in the reception area of the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China, on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014. While Beijing-based Baidu, owner of China’s most-used search engine, is available around the world, more than 99 percent of its revenue comes from China. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The competition between Baidu and Open AI has just started as both prominent companies are trying to assert their dominance in the language model sector. The launch of the app will be an interesting opportunity for AI enthusiasts, and many other companies have been investing largely in this sector because of the vast potential the emerging sector has to offer.

For example, prominent tech companies like Microsoft and Google have started to develop their language models. The main aim is that they can integrate the newly launched products into their lines of service.
Baidu’s entry into the sector is an anticipated event and can throttle things up. The company has a strong base in the tech sector. Baidu’s attempt to compete with ChatGPT shows that the company is serious about dominating the space.

The launch of ChatGPT comes as tough competition to prominent tech sectors:

The use of ChatGPT has grown significantly. Its popularity has skyrocketed online. The chatbot is built on the OpenAI GPT-3 language model. The technology in ChatGPT allows users to communicate with AI by entering prompts.
However, recently, additional users have resulted in ChatGPT’s servers becoming overloaded. The user-friendly and entertaining AI bot is now available. Its ability to create academic essays, speeches, and responses to philosophical questions about life has amazed the broader audience.


Paul Buccheit, a Gmail developer, claimed on Twitter that the chatbot may overtake Google within a year or two. When ChatGPT was introduced in November 2022, it had more than a million members within a week. It was disclosed by Sam Altman, an employee of OpenAI.

Humans are now extremely afraid that AI will eventually replace them in many occupations.

On Twitter, Mr. Buccheit stated that it might take a year or two before chatbots completely overtake Google. The search engine’s result page, which generates a large portion of the business’s revenue, will be eliminated by AI. Google cannot operate AI without leaving some features in place, even if they upload them. He predicted a similar trend to what Google did to the yellow pages woulda similar trend to what Google did to the yellow pages will emerge.

Google has spent billions on artificial intelligence, R&D, and acquisitions. Now, the fear that ChatGPT will take over its search engine has caused Google to work on its AI.Google has previously been using BERT language models for its searches. It will help to interpret the intent in the keywords and phrases that the users insert in the search bar.


Recently, Google has developed an artificial intelligence tool that can convert texts into Music and is maned as MusicLM. The Model is capable of generating accurate music results from text descriptions. The tool has been trained on a dataset to operate for 280,000 hours and generate similar songs with descriptions. Google has declared potential risks against the application and does not plan to release it.

Previously, Google has stated that the company is cautious about releasing the tools to the public. The AI missteps could cause the company to lose everything. Google has stated that generative AI is presently in an immature stage, and its risks are yet to be understood.

As different tech industries are shifting to launch their own AI technology, the battle between chatbots is heating up. Recently, Baidu and Google have emerged as rivals and more is yet to Come.
However, it narrows down to one line the AI industry is one of the growing fields with vast potential among its competitors.

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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