“ChatGPT will replace Google in a year or 2” says Gmail creater on Twitter

The capabilities of ChatGPT, Open AI’s chatbot, which is an artificial tool, have been creating concern among other sectors. Gmail developer Paul Buccheit has stated on Twitter that the chatbot can bring down the major search engine ‘Google’ within a year or two. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, and within a week, it attracted more than one million users. The OpenAI employee Sam Altman has revealed it.

ChatGPT has demonstrated its capabilities for the past few weeks showing remarkable capabilities in writing complex and instant essays, creating marketing pitches, writing poems and jokes, and even drafting the congressman’s speech in the U.S.

It has even created major fear among humans that AI can replace them in many jobs.

Mr. Buccheit has revealed on the Twitter platform that it may take a year or two for the disruption of google by the chatbots. AI will remove the search engine’s result page, which earns the company a major part of its revenue. Even if Google installs AI, they can not operate it without leaving some of the features. He has stated that the same trend will follow what Google did to the yellow pages.

ChatGPT’s dominance in different industries:

The ChatGPT-3 powered chatbot has passed the MBA exam with flying colors and the scores have been assessed as B- and B grades. ChatGPT has been proven to be a game changer in the education sector, and it is capable of performing well in exams, including medical examinations. Obe’s research paper stated that ChatGPT has managed to pass the US medical licensing medical examination – the exam is conducted for medical students to become licensed doctors.

One of the researchers has further shared that ChatGPT was capable of passing all three levels of the examinations but also offered explanations for how it arrived at the answers. The first paper has shown that ChatGPT was able to achieve more than 50 percent accuracy. The researchers have added that the application showed a high level of insight in its explanation.

It indicates that AI-powered learning can assist in medical education and help in decision-making clinically.

In another case, ChatGPT was able to pass an MBA examination that was created by a professor of Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. The chatbot has passed the final examination of the course. The report has stated that ChatGPT has done an exceptional job in the management of basic operations and process analytics questions, including the questions which are based on case studies. It was found that ChatGPT was capable of changing the answers based on human hints.


Educators have further marked that ChatGPT’s response makes it difficult to differentiate human responses. Other experts believe that ChatGPT can have a negative influence on the education system, while some have shared no concerns about it.

In 1950, Aran Turing, who is known as the founder of artificial intelligence, chose the Imitation Game or Turing test. The test could look at a machine’s capacity to imitate behaviors shown by people.
The fact that ChatGPT was the second chatbot to pass the Turing Test in 2022 has made headlines. The first one to pass the test was Google LAMDA in June 2022.

The industry that uses numbers the most uses numbers most, investing, yet uses an archaic methodology. The potential of AI has been recognized by modern investors. They are continuously looking for ways to use AI to democratize access to professional tools and the world of investing.

ChatGPT has even been used in content creation. The New-York headquartered international company named Buzzfeed will utilize OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to create content for its website. It will involve quizzes that are considered the first step in content creation. Buzzfeed announced in the previous month that it would reduce 12 percent of the company’s headcount.

Buzzfeed‘s Chief executive has opened up about the matter stating that the world will visualize an AI-inspired content move from Research and Development as a part of the company’s core businesses, such as improving the quiz experience, increasing the brainstorming and personalize the content as par to the audience’s choice in 2023.


The creative process will be centered on AI technology and will become technologically enabled.
Reports have suggested that the limitations of ChatGPT are expanding with each passing day as the AI is trying to put greater data in it to improve its performance with human help.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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