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China won’t allow a TikTok Smash and Grab by the US amid Covid-19, state media warns

China won’t allow a TikTok ‘Smash and Grab’ by the US, state media warns

The Beijing-backed China Daily reported that the Chinese government wouldn’t accept the income of TikTok’s United States operations by Microsoft Corp and may take action against Washington if a sale is forced.

No let up in China's aim to curb tech monopolies, says cbank governor |  Reuters

Either Trump will ban Tiktok or will include it in the United States businessChina is ready to answer!

It’s Beijing’s most vigorous defense so far of ByteDance Ltd, and its viral video phenom that President Donald Trump threatened to ban except a deal is struck by September 15 to sell TikTok’s the United State based business to Microsoft or any another US entity. The Communist Party spokesman wrote that the method is equally officially sanctioned vandalism, and sounding bossy Beijing-backed media like the Global Times.

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“China will not at all accept the ‘theft‘ of the Chinese technology by any company, and it has lots of ways to answer if the government carries out its programmed smash and grab,” it said, without defining options. “With competitiveness now reliant on the ability to collect and use data, it offers an either-or choice of submission or mortal conflict in the tech department.”

The ByteDance will lose TikTok.

ByteDance became the world’s largest business startup due to the great success worldwide of TikTok that American lawmakers challenge of modeling a threat to national security by sweeping up data to China. The US President now has the power to possibly disable ByteDance’s valued asset by adding TikTok to the U.S. entity list that would probably force American companies such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google to offer the service from their app stores.

The United State Crackdown and its effects

The U.S. crackdown has divided many in the industry. Some criticize the disloyalty of values like free speech and capitalism in contrast, and others support doing whatever it takes to conquer a geopolitical rival and its central tech industry.

China has three 'weapons' to deal with US provocation: Global Times  editorial - Global Times

The Global Times on US President Trump’s decision

Trump repeatedly emphasized that any sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations would have to add a principal payment to the U.S. That was “open robbery,” tweeted Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a tabloid run by the Communist Party flagship People’s Daily.

It’s unclear what kind of regulatory actions China could take. The Global Times wrote China has a “limited ability” to defend its companies since the U.S. still holds technological supremacy. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has earlier criticized Washington for applying double standards in attempting to ban TikTok. But questioned about the latest progress at a regular press briefing, a spokesperson said: “We also don’t talk on the particular business activity of the related companies.”

China has won AI battle with U.S., Pentagon's ex-software chief says |  Reuters

However, we all are aware of how The Global Times writes poisonous things about Trump and India. They only talk about Xi Jinping and tries to save him for everything he did wrong. They even portray him as a global leader. But a global leader won’t let the novel virus spread and won’t hide the widespread and other important details like the number of patients. Rest is up to the readers as everyone is aware of how China manipulated the world on COVID-19.



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