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Coronavirus ruins business, Loss of 150 crores every day in Agra

The coronavirus in Agra may cause a major setback to the business. The business was affected by 40 to 70 percent due to the fear of Corona in different trades, but if the lockdown increases by March 31, then the impact of Rs 1500 crores is estimated to be in Agra alone.

Every day a transaction of 150 crores rupees was happening. The closure of business in the city on the very first day of lockdown after the Janata curfew caused a setback of Rs 150 crore, but traders are considering protection from the Coronavirus more important than this loss.

After the third phase of the coronavirus, traders will have to suffer big losses by March 25 due to the closure of rail, air flights, buses, markets, metro, interstate transport due to social distancing.

If the situation is not normalized and the lockdown increases to 31, then businesses including bullion, electricals, mobile and mobile accessories, shoe, tourism, handicrafts business could have an impact of around Rs 1500 crore by 31 March.

Bullion traders shocked in Navratri
Navaratri is falling during the lockdown. In such a situation, the bullion business may get a shock. Shri Sarafa Committee Minister Devendra Goel says that earlier buyers were less due to slowdown, but now Corona has destroyed everything.

All supplies are finished including Mumbai, Rajkot. The market was expected to rise in Navratri. Gold and silver sales were expected to jump in Navratri after the stock market collapsed, but the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus could affect business worth crores.

Mobile, electronics sales closed

The markets of electronics, mobiles and accessories are also not untouched by the effect of lockdown. Although there was already a setback to the business due to online delivery, no online nor off line electronics and mobiles will be sold in Navratri during lockdown.

Mobile phone vendor Lokendra Agarwal says that all hopes of ending the market downturn in Navaratri went down. However, he believes that closing the market is a good step ahead of the coronavirus. There is no other option other than captive.

Production stalled in shoe factories, All sales closed
After winter, the production of new season shoes for summer was going on in Agra. Earlier the business was affected due to shortage of raw materials, but now production in shoe factories is stalled due to lockdown.

The president of the Agra Shoe Factories Federation, Gagandas Ramani, has announced the closure of the factories till 25 March. Markets will remain closed until March 31 in lockdown. Corona has an impact across the country, so footwear orders are closed. 65 percent of the shoe production across the country is made in Agra.



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