Covid-19: Revolutionary impact on E-commerce and E-learning during the pandemic.


The spread of Covid-19 has changed the economic and social well-being of people. The most challenging change has been the broader use of technology. In This article, we will recall all those things. E-commerce is the buying and selling of products over the internet. Shopping has its craze in the modern era.

Digital transformation, Concept of digitization of business processes and modern technology

E-Commerce and Digitalization during Covid-19 pandemic

Today’s youth rush today’s shopping in every possible way; it does not matter to them, whether it’s online or offline. The pandemic generated a sudden spark in e-commerce. When malls, shopping complexes, shops, and markets were shut during the pandemic, people rushed more towards online shopping and trading.

There was a steady increase in its earnings. During the pandemic, it increased to a greater extent. There are various sites for online shopping and online trading. Even banks have got online; even the e-passbook is available for our convenience. This pandemic led to a massive spike in digitalization. Earlier, people were not very much familiar with digital marketing and working. But the pandemics paved the way for opportunities for online working.

As everything was shut down during the lockdown, studies, marketing and business were going on, and it was due to this only. From booking tickets to payments, from cinemas to shopping, everything is digitalized now. People are dependent on technology to meet their needs.

This era has taught us to be updated. Social media has contributed a lot towards digitalization. Today’s youth is very much influenced by social media. It has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. Giant businesses are being done through social media, for example, marketing, trading, advertisement, teaching, makeup, software designing, graphics, computer science, almost everything.

e- learning

E-learning during the pandemic

Learning was a new experience for students as well as parents and even a challenge for teachers. It was something which never happened before. Initially, it was very difficult for students, parents, and teachers.

Different schools adopted different ways and applications for educational purposes. Some of which are zoom, google meet, and WhatsApp. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the phenomenal rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

Technology has raised itself beyond boundaries. It has brought significant changes in the lives of people. It has enhanced and advanced not only children but also upgraded their parents too.

As children were getting addicted to mobile phones for their fun and entertainment, this mode of education led them to use mobile phones in their better form. Children have become more creative and have adjusted themselves to distance learning. It was an up-coping situation for higher students but the tiny tots; it was challenging. Teachers adopted optimistic ways for teachings. Many creative minds came out during online learning.

E-learning was not only challenging but was a prerequisite for students to keep learning. It was grueling as now children had to spend hours on phones, which greatly affected their eyesight. Students became lethargic as they had to spend all their time at their homes; their sense of responsibility and discipline was also missing.

It was a striking change that was seen in students. Many parents didn’t support it due to their financial crisis, and it was difficult for parents with 3-4 kids studying at the same school. Many schools provide their teachers with the proper system for online studies.

work from home

Work from Home

Most of the companies shifted to work from home. Before the pandemic, work from home was like a dream, but the pandemic made us live our dream. There were several reasons for this, mainly people with tiny homes who find it challenging as work needs a quiet and troubleless atmosphere.WFH also has beneficial effects for both employers and employees.

There are many advantages, like less computing time, avoiding office politics, using less office space, increased motivation, improved gender diversity, healthier workforces with less absenteeism and turnover, higher talent retention, job satisfaction, and better productivity. Many companies have even proposed WFH till 2022.

During this pandemic, people came forward with new software and applications for ease of work. Today almost every company has a well-organized network of working. The companies have provided an excellent setup to their employees for proper working. The companies organized various online workshops to facilitate their strategies of working. Several webinars, meetings, and programs are also scheduled to encourage people to come forward.



The pandemic made us all more upgraded with the technologies. Things that were never predictable from home are now totally being done with complete safety and care. E-shopping has reached heights, and it’s so time-consuming with user-friendly terms and conditions.

There is nothing left that is not available online, from the tip of the pen to furniture, from clothes to wedding dresses, from toys to bikes, from mobiles to electronics, from pills to injections; everything is available at lower prices and returnable policies. The payment system is very secure with complete privacy and end-to-end encryption.

It has made the lives of people easier with everything available at the doorstep without any hustle. We don’t have to rush to shop to buy; everything is available on our phones. The best part and the most notable feature is the EMI system for expensive products. Hence e-commerce has achieved a lot in recent years. Their festive offers attract more customers. The prime memberships at different sites give more exciting offers. The dream of digital India is in progress. Digitization is at its peak.



Edited by Sanjana Simlai.

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