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Covid-19: 5 ways in which Coronavirus proves itself as a Boone.

As every coin has two sides i.e positive and negative, in the same way Covid-19 also had some negative as well as some positive impact on our lives. So far we have known about the negative impact of coronavirus on our lives but in this article, we are going to glint on positive impacts of covid-19, how coronavirus has created positivity in our well beings and social life. We embrace the pandemic for the following impacts.

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1- Covid-19 Strengthened the family bonds.

As it is always quoted “Man is a social animal” and hence there was no doubt in it. Before the pandemic outbreak, no one had time for their family and children, everyone was busy with their world, but the pandemic paved the way for strengthening the family bonds of the people.

Nationwide lockdown allowed everyone to spend time with their families. Before the pandemic, many parents were busy with their work and jobs and could not give enough time to their children, but lockdown made it possible and allowed parents to give time to their children and understand them.

Earlier It was observed that teenagers and adolescents do not give time to their families and engage themselves in their world. During the pandemic, it was noted that they interacted with their parents and granted them a good helping hand. The family bonds had boosted during the pandemics as everyone was able to adjust themselves with their family members.

Siblings became more close to each other and started understanding each other’s flaws and imperfections, husband-wife relationships were enhanced as many wives quoted that during lockdown their husbands became more interactive and helped them in their households they indulge in that household chore which they never did before, improving their relationships, parents children bonds became more understandable and lovingly. The relationships which were broken also seemed to be now relative. Hence the coronavirus brought people together, strengthening their families together and shedding more love among the relationships.

2- Made people conscious about hygiene

The most significant precaution for coronavirus is to be hygienic and keep ourselves and our surroundings clean to eradicate the spread of the virus. There have been a lot of cleanliness activities, now people have understood the real meaning of being clean. Before the pandemic, the people weren’t concerned much about unhygienic conditions and eating.

They used to prefer roadside vendors and places without looking into the cleaning of the person and place but thankfully corona has carved people about it. In small towns and villages, drainage and waste management were not performed with care and attention but now every village and town has sanitation and proper cleanliness, now waste is not thrown here and there.

There has been a decline in junk food sales and purchases. Hygiene plays a crucial role in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus disease. People were made aware of cleaning up themselves and their places. It was prompted again and again to wash the hands, sanitise your place and keep your surroundings clean.


3- Enhancement of technology

Before the pandemic, we didn’t anticipate the heights of technology. During the lockdown the technology has made everything possible, it became part and parcel of our lives. It made everything possible which we didn’t even think of. From education to business everything was dependent on technology.

The advancement of technology has made things easier and faster, during lockdown when everything was shut everything was dependent on technology, every work was done online, hence more effectively and conveniently. Making use of Bluetooth and GPS technology is another efficient way to monitor an individual’s health. Technology has made a substantial role in the diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of diseases. Education during the pandemic was only possible due to the online mode which kept the learning process ongoing.

Work from home during lockdown was the only source of income for the families to meet their needs. Advanced technology helped in the early diagnosis of coronavirus which helped in giving early treatment and preventing the spread of the virus. The pandemic upgraded us with technology and enhanced our information.


4-Reduction in air pollution.

Air is the basic necessity for human survival and we need to breathe fresh and clean air.Air pollution has always been a widespread and visible issue of concern. There are several health-related issues which are caused due to poor quality of air. During lockdown it was an excellent accomplishment as all types of movement were rescinded during the lockdown, this led to a significant decrease in air pollution improving the quality of air.

Reduction in air pollution has led to improvising the environmental conditions lowering to a decrease in the number of airborne diseases. vehicular smoke and gases from industries affect the quality of air to a very high level thus, all the industries were shut down so no poisonous gases were going into the environment. The lockdown gave people an opportunity to exercise at home and breathe in the fresh air. The coronavirus has been a Boon for the atmosphere.


Amidst the lockdown, we came across several innovations and talents which were never seen before. The majority of people engaged themselves in several activities like cooking, arts and craft, painting, calligraphy, writing and many more. After the lockdown, we saw a sudden spike in women entrepreneurs.

The lockdown allowed us to work on ourselves and bring out our hidden talents. We saw a lot of innovations and creativity. The online mode of education brought out the innovations and ideas of teachings that were never imagined before. Different companies pulled out different 

Innovative and creative ideas for working during the pandemic. The young minds came forward with their creativity in painting, calligraphy, the tiny tots engaged themselves in art and craft, and many women and girls enriched their cooking skills with better techniques and flavours. Furthermore, abundant people uplifted their dancing and singing skills. Social media became a platform to show the world their abilities and talents.


Edited by Sanjana Simlai.




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