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Cyan Ta’eed From Envato Helping Millions To Earn Their Bread & Butter With Her Globally Renowned Platform

People do not realise how a woman breaks all barriers to become an entrepreneur. They just see her when she has reached the top but do not understand the hard work and perseverance behind that success.
Cyan Ta’eed is an inspiration to every woman on this planet who wants to do something of her own, who like independence, who doesn’t want to be overshadowed by her male counterparts, who has been underestimated by everyone, who wants to live life on her own rules.
Cyan is the co-founder of Envato which is a successful design marketplace and Hey Tiger a Melbourne chocolate company which is a social enterprise doing development projects from its earnings in West Africa. She is a woman who dared to dream and worked super hard to fulfill them, this is what makes her extraordinary.
Envato began in 2006 co-founded by Cyan and her husband Collis Ta’eed starting small in their parent’s garage just like she always say ‘Start Small, Experience Big’. Today Envato has over 400 employees, earning millions which was started just for some extra traveling money.
She got formally educated in designing and started working as a graphic designer in ‘How Graphic Design’ where she learnt a great deal about teamwork, good designs, client relationships and couple entrepreneurs. Later on, she became a freelance designer.
Cyan and her husband Collis started ‘Good Creative’ which was a graphic and web design agency. This gave them the taste of their own business and thereafter they never looked back. ‘Good Creative’ helped and inspired them to start Envato.
At 26 she started Envato which serves as a digital market place for digital assets, creative assets, 21000 tutorials and over 700 video courses, facilitates websites building, hiring designers and developers and creating professional designs, videos and mock-ups without any peculiar skills.
Envato was the first tech company in Australia to release gender diversity statistics and encouraged higher percentages for the photographers changing the industry for good. Moreover, they contribute their share to the community to make the world a better place. It was also awarded by JobAdvisor as Australia’s Coolest Company for Women and Diversity (2015 and 2016) and one of the Best Places to Work in Australia in 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 by BRW Awards. This shows that the company has a flexible work culture and is not just earning for itself, it is earning for the community at large.
2017 saw the commencement of Hey Tiger which is a social chocolate making enterprise giving back to the cocoa farming communities in West Africa, all it has. It works on the principle of perfection as its chocolates are handmade, of high quality and have ethically sourced ingredients. They make white, milk, dark, super dark and vegan chocolates. Hey Tiger has extremely passionate chocolatiers who are working day and night to bring something contemporary in the chocolate industry. They try a variety of flavours in chocolates to achieve that one heavenly flavour which will break the markets.

It is truly a social enterprise as it has already taken the following steps towards changing the ways the chocolate industry has been working till date by exploiting farmers and forced child labour:-
• It is in partnership with The Hunger Project to help the cocoa farming communities in West Africa
• The CEO of Hey Tiger, Cyan Ta’eed, does not draw any salary
• It helps fund community development projects like early childhood education, sustainable farming practices, immunizations, and microloans. It contributes by donating 50c per sale of each full size bar and 25c per mini bar and have committed minimum donation of $25,000 p.a. which will grow with the company.
New Day Box is also an initiative started by Cyan which makes boxes of skincare and cosmetics for women in domestic violence crisis to make them feel beautiful again. New Day Box has distributed thousands of boxes in and around Victoria and will carry on doing more and more for these neglected women.

Entrepreneurship, skills and perseverance of Cyan have been duly appreciated and awarded by the various accolades she has received:-
• 2015 Telstra Victorian Business – Woman of the Year
• Australian Financial Review’s 2016 – 100 Women of Influence Enterprise Winner
• InStyle Magazine’s 2017 Woman of Style (Business Enterprise Category).

She believes that if the things are not going right for you then take a break so that you can recharge and rethink, but don’t give up. She aims at working for the welfare of women all over the world she wants them to grow with her.
She wants to encourage every woman on the planet to “Take a chance, challenge yourself, make an impact. You know more than you think, but you do need to start”. So just dream big and start small.



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