Did the Coronavirus Rampant Start Much Earlier than What China is Claiming?

There is no doubt about the rampage that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has laid down upon us, many have speculated and concocted various theories about its origin, meaning when did it all start? Opposite to the hefty claims made by China regularly, there is a huge mystery that revolves around its origin, thus making it an enigma! As all of us are still busy finding the cure to this eerie situation what do we know about its origins?

The Novel Coronavirus Official-Timeline

So far, we know that China was among the first to catch a sight of this perilous Novel Virus in December 2019. With rumors circling that China tried to cover the spread of Coronavirus way before informing the World Health Organisation (WHO) on December 31. It is highly dubious to say that the spread of virus outbreak started in December.

China informed WHO that 41 people had fallen ill due to the Novel Coronavirus illness between December 8 and January 2. As a lot was said about the true origin of this mysterious illness but on January 7, China released an official statement stating that a new coronavirus officially dubbed as SARS-CoV-2 (Its traits were pretty similar to2002 respiratory syndrome outbreak – SARS) has erupted and nothing is yet to be known about this Virus.

Further inspection about the increasing number of patients due to transmission of the virus made china pass another official hasty comment that almost every patient was exposed to the Wuhan seafood market, thus rest was history as this wet market became the primary source of this Pandemic.

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With innumerable people coming back and forth, from Wuhan the virus penetrated various countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States and thus striking the whole world into a sudden paralysis.

Now, from January 30, it is a Global Health Crisis!

So Now the world was a huge threat as the virus is new and the sources to it origin was blurry, it made a huge buzz when France came into the picture stating that they have detected their first Coronavirus case on January 24 later they realized that their first Coronavirus Patient has been detected back to December 27: that is, 4 days before China made its move of declaring Coronavirus Eruption.


France’s shocking revelations!

How uncanny is this, thus making France a pivotal source potent to further their reach to find the answers to this Mystery. As per the recent research published on May 3 in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. During the study, the French doctors examined samples of 14 atypical pneumonia patients reported between December 2 and January 16 in Paris.

Now if you delve too deep into the study you would find that France’s ‘patient zero’ was identified as a fishmonger and was admitted to a hospital on December 27. What’s astonishing is that that patient has no connection of ever being outside the country since 2019.

If we see the aforementioned pattern that the patients who have visited different countries during the spread have only been detected with the Coronavirus. Then How did a healthy fishmonger get this virus? There have been theories to connect the dots that his wife is work at an airport and might have surpassed the virus to his husband, this also, introduces a new revelation that there can be humans- asymptotic who might have caught the virus but will not show any symptoms.

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Now, this is study turned rumors into ground-breaking revelation and further supported the claims by the US President Donald Trump saying that the communist regime either hid the true extent of the pandemic or is simply incompetent.

corona doctor

What’s More?

Now, this study also pivoted our emphasis on a paper published in April by researchers hailing Cambridge University. Where genetics experts hailing from Britain and Germany tried to find the origin of the virus by thoroughly analyzing 160 complete virus genomes sequenced from Covid-19 patients who were diagnosed between December 24 and March 4.

 In the study, they found three variants of novel coronavirus causing three different types of Covid-19. Baffled? Yes, they found three variants and later dubbed the variants as Type A, B, and C. Type A was thought to be “the original human virus genome” that infected humans in Wuhan.

However, this was not the only baffling finding, what was more shocking that the researchers found that Type A was not the dominant virus in Wuhan. It was dominant, however, in the US. The original human virus genome- Type A was dominant in countries outside Wuhan.

In-short this variant (Type A) was found in both Chinese and American patients, though mutated versions of this strain i.e. Type C were reported in Australia and the United States.

While countries like Australia were battling to find a cure for type A developed from animal a newly mutated virus was erupted making them clueless. Sydney was the worst hit by the Type C variant.

The end-goal for these findings was notable as it indicates that the Wuhan wet market, the original place from where the virus erupted was just a failed cover-up. Many researchers rebuffed the so-called Wuhan Market theory of Covid-19 origin.

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The Cambridge researchers headed by geneticist Peter Forster made continuous efforts by expanding their research to the next level by examining over 1,000 virus genomes.

As per the phylogenetic (study of the evolution of genes) research indicates that the first infection and spread among humans of SARS-CoV-2 occurred between mid-September and early December.

Last, all these findings in the extensive research done by major countries give a green signal to all the conspiracy theorists to strike down all these mismatched theories by China that were deliberately concocted to divert the world about the Coronavirus eruption and steering the world toward the irreparable doom.

Also, recently there was a shocking revelation that China is getting involved directly into the WHO investigation about the Coronavirus origin and is trying to influence their inspections by speculating more rumors. Obviously, China has rebuffed twisting any report but due to their involvement with WHO has, after all, proved us right!

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