“Don’t judge the book by its cover “– something which the Zynga and OMGPOP acquisition failure implies aloud and other organisation should ferret out..!!!

Prejudgement with the boost of OMGPOP for a little while turned out to be a radical doom for Zynga.
In this era of technological advancements social game networking and the widespread boom of online games have accessed the masses to a large extent. Traditionally as these were initially oriented towards the browse game theme only the widespread usage also allowed its approach towards the mobile walls.
Major companies across the world captured this extensive domain by making various social network games and Zynga was indeed among those giants of social gaming network.
In this precarious World of Mobile gaming business something as of a game developed happened to be very different from the general called upon story line in a sense that a new king was crowned in the span of mere three weeks and on the other hand ,one of the most sorted company of the domain had come forth to acquire it too for worth about 200 US billion dollar.
But this road of success was half waved only when just post 2 months of acquisition the game lost to have momentum across the masses.” Draw something “as of which was then depicted to be one of the evergreen franchise
The inception of inadequate developed approach.
With the emergence of Zynga in this domain it was in the year 2008 that Zynga realised the fact that Facebook has been portraying itself as one of its greatest competitors because of the web access available in Facebook comprises of varied games.
When the acquisition held it was the then looked upon that the two companies which had come together on a same a portal were not comfortable enough to work in a collaborative manner with each other initially there was some serious  work culture clash which happened amongst the two companies for about one or two month ago because of which OMGPOP Ex-CEO  Potter left the company and made a strong statement during the context of panel discussion for the competitor game which were affecting the domain of “ draw something “
The avenue from Acclamation to acquisition
In the very few initial years of Zynga arrival video games was seen to be something really hard core games giving machine which got powerful when they went from a gaming parlour to home consoles The Mind games which we know as of the most popular ones were War Commander etc. so as to gain stream some people who used to be content clicking formula crops of move to more complicated games 
Draw something was downloaded by over 35 million people since it was released under six weeks ago only and this happened to be on March 21st 2012 because of which   it had become one of the hottest commodity in the gaming sector.
 OMGPOP made one of the most historical hit in the world of gaming which indeed drew the attention of Zynga towards it. As a result of which the Zynga Corporation showed the utmost inclination towards the acquisition of OMGPOP. “Draw something “which was the popular game developed by OMGPOP had about millions of downloads owing to it in its initial three weeks of development itself.For about a budget of 200 Million USD the acquisition was considered to be a biggest acquisition which was looked upon in order to line and to expand the game networking on mobile devices.
The amazed game popularity which drew in no time
  Draw something as a popular game gained massive popularity in no time, the theme of the game was ascertained to play as where the players they make digital sketch of items of pop culture figures and then complete to guess the drawings.
During the course of the acquisition it was being stated that all the 40 employees of OMGPOP will soon join the Zynga organisation and the company headquarters will remain confined to New York City itself,Just hit a wonder within 6 weeks of its launch by citing almost about 35 million downloads and have made itself rise top among the charts of Android and Apple in about 84 countries as per what Zynga stated.
Perhaps, most of the times it was being quoted that Zynga has been very restless about the decision which it had taken by acquiring OMGPOP, as it was certainly a not strategic decision to carry forward an acquisition of a company who has  just a buzz hit verified on no grounds.
Array of affliction post acquisition
Shortly afterwards it is being a certain that OMGPOP  was not a game which was of interest  and of more interesting involvement, rather was more a part of extrication, which could only keep the population captured for a short span of time.
As of the various reasons which are being attributed to the downfall of this technological acquisition, much is being ascertained about the fact that the game lacked innovativeness and intellectual approach. The inefficiency of the game to provide consistency to the user in long course of time was certainly taken aback.
Another reason which could be acknowledged for this downfall would be the dearth of an appropriate business plan model which could be looked upon for best possible implications and leading results as a result of which while OMGPOP got collaborated with Zynga and faced such severity it went like more of a repainting dog for the organisation.In the instance of one year only the company witnessed 18 %of the  cut down on the workforce of the organisation and eventually the headquarters at New York city was been enclosed.
It was just after one year of the made acquisition on September 30, 2013 the closure of this venture lead to the disbandment of OMGPOP.
Zynga took over OMGPOP with an aim that they would give players the fortunate to avail the most fun loving and popular game of the year. Being a part of this collaboration they firmly believe that this association could also pave more path for exciting gaming opportunities but contrary to their belief ever since then the acquisition was made it testified  long slow fall from the top of the Gaming  domain.

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