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Due to Corona, Section 144 imposed in Delhi, ban on 4 people gathering

Corona has caused havoc in the country and the world. The government is very vigilant in Delhi so that people do not come in its infection. For this reason Section 144 has been imposed in Delhi. It has been implemented tonight i.e. from 2200 hrs on the night of 22 March till 12 midnight upto 31 March.

The government has implemented it in view of the growing threat of Corona. Due to this, now more than four people in Delhi cannot stand in one place and cannot hold any kind of meeting. The government has taken this step because of the safety of the people.

Here the Janata curfew is getting full public support by the PM. People have been in their homes since morning. No one is wandering out unnecessarily. People are also seen making each other aware of this public curfew. The PM had said that this should be a step taken by the people for the public so that people can end the war against Corona. Most of Delhi’s roads were deserted. Some people came out of the house to get medicine and milk or only when the work was very important.

Corona is spreading like a pandemic all over the world. In many countries of the world, this disease has spread its legs. The government has also announced a lockdown in several districts to protect against the disease. Noida of Uttar Pradesh adjoining Delhi is also included in the lockdown by the Central Government. Many people from here come to Delhi for jobs and many people from Delhi go to Noida to do jobs.



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