Falguni Nayar: The Face Behind The Nykaa Success Story

It is not easy for a person, be it a man or a woman to quit their job at the age of 50 and start over everything in business from scratch. However, if it were easy, the story of Falguni, the beauty entrepreneur would not have been considered exemplary. Her bid adieu to her career which was quite well established gave birth to her dream of launching a beauty platform, which we know to be Nykaa in today’s date and time.

She completed her recent education from IIM Ahmedabad and worked as a venture investor and merchant in one of the best private banks in the country which is Kotak Mahindra Group for a time span of around 20 years. She also worked for the global operations of the group in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and further she headed the institutional equities division. In the year 2005, she turned out to become the Managing Director of the venture and saved money business for the group with her set of skills.

However, even after being super accomplished and having achieved so much in life, there was an aspiration which kept pestering Falguni to do more in her life. Her entrepreneurial thought and mindset never let her be. In 2012, she finally left her job as the Managing Director and bid farewell to her well-going life and initiated a step showing courage and passion. In a statement given to Vagabomb, she said, ‘People thought I was crazy,’ People, of course, told her not to leave her job, but despite all, she wanted to do more in life and take a chance even if it meant failing. Well, we all know what it meant. She was a keen observer of the online market and the growth it was training in the country.

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She was dead sure that there was the immense potential of beauty segment and online market in the market of the country and this is the reason she came up with such a platform. Her choice of beauty segment was of course because if her love towards the same. She loves makeup as she said in one of her interviews. So, she finally chose to headquarter her own company in Mumbai, the city where was born and brought up. her father was also a businessman, and also being a Gujarati, stock market and trade were also known terms to her.

At 50, when both her children left for the US for their studies, she had quite a lot of spare time on her hands, so she decided to go for it. She mentioned to Livermint, ‘I’m an adventurer. I was never a good swimmer but I would always be the first to jump in. The thought, what if I break a leg? doesn’t occur to me,’ With that attitude, and her fearlessness, she is now catering 850 brands, with more than 35,000 products along with numerous in-house collections as well.

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