Garima Satija: The Adventurer and Traveler Turned Entrepreneur

Garima Satija is the founder of PoshVine in the year 2011t is an exclusive venture which enables a person who is into traveling to look for a range if off the beaten dining and travel experiences and also book one of them as of and when according to their needs. If you wish to have a travel experience which will be distinct and also unforgettable for you, then you should probably look at PoshVine. Well, of course, like every business and owner of the business, there is a story behind this as well.

Garima started PoshVine as one of her own ways to discover various and new experiences of food in their leisure time. It is actually an online destination which helps people in discovering various dining and travel experiences and also booking them. There are a lot of categories as well which will help people choose wisely and find their own interest and experience. At first, Garima and her team aggregated a lot of premium restaurants, along with experimental chefs who are willing to intake unique activities along with enabled individuals and/or companies who can create experiential packages directly on the site of PoshVine. The plan is actually focussed on the travelers of the cou8ntyr, however, there are other brands and travelers as well which belong to other countries which roundabout to six.

PoshVine at present curates about 5000 experiences and activities for their customers. Garima was not planning to start up in any way. However, her thirst for adventure, her interest, and her passion in the field, never left her and this is why she went on her with soft opening of PoshVine to give it a full-fledged entrepreneur feel which turned her to become an entrepreneur and the founder of such an amazing website which is now serving millions of people out there who have the passion of travel just like Garima.

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They have also adopted a business to business approach in their business where they have put in various clients in their portal such as HDFC Bank, Citibank, Axis Bank, Jaguar, and many others which will manage the travel experiential arrangement for the customers in terms of payment, spending, travel, and other facilities. This is one of the ways she wanted to take her business to another level. Her critical experience and passionate thinking have made PoshVine a huge success. However, all of it did not come easy.

She had to face her own share of struggles and challenges. Being a small business, it is self-financed, cash flows were a problem, keeping the customers happy and taking their feedbacks and compensating to all of it was always an issue. However, with great perseverance and determination, there is nothing which is impossible. This is exactly what Garima followed and certainly, it did show in her venture’s success and in her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and she surely has a long way to go in the future as well.

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