Gurleen Kaur Tikku: A Woman With Transformative Thinking In Business And Finance

Imparting investment solutions and financial wisdom to various individuals and business houses, Gurleen Kaur has effectively managed to take a logical call by becoming the founder of Hareepatti. Inaugurated in the year 2005, Gurleen today has a circle where she helps individuals to bring wealth in their own direction by advising them in the best way possible according to her knowledge about finance and business. Well, she has always been good at her numbers and also financially independent. So, she wanted to impart this skill in other women as well so that they can become financially independent as well.

Gurleen conducts a lot of workshops where she talks about various aspects like financial literacy, cash flow, financial freedom, and business from home, personal budgets, and a lot more. Gurleen likes to address business minded homemakers, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and homepreneurs by aiding them in financial decision making and helping them achieve financial stability. Her career in finance focussed basically on providing long term and short-term goals to individuals regarding their financial independence without having to face any kind of issues and going through any hassles.

Hareepatti is a financial consultancy which provides to its customers the facility of distributing financial products, and financial advisory services. The aim of Gurpreet through this venture of hers is that she wanted to save the investors losing their investments and being able to make the most out of their investments, as well as their clients so that all the exercises and facilities within the consultancy are conducted honestly and with authenticity. This is one of the main reasons as to why Hareepatti started in the first place.

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Gurleen says, ‘Initially I stepped into the business to maintain and retain the business’s goodwill but at a later stage I realized the need of right financial advice is what is not easily available to the masses.’ The venture was actually the idea of her father and was started in the year 1985. However, he passed away in 2005 and the responsibility of carrying over the business came onto Gurleen. The success story of her venture is proof that she has been able to carry on Hareepatti in an excellent way and has also added new dimensions to it. Being an entrepreneur, the job of the boss is quite challenging and comes with a lot of demands as well.

You always have to be on your toes and find yourself working almost all the time. Like we know already, for achieving something, you ought to lose a few things an this is what she gained by losing her time, work, and intellect in work. Even after being the mother of two, she very well managed the role of being in both her worlds at the same time. Gurpreet says that an entrepreneur must be ready for all kinds of challenges and new experiences at all the time because they are just part of the journey.

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