Harpreet Kaur Founder Of Love 4 Apple

We all have things in our heart, dreams that we wish to accomplish. However, not all of us are able to pursue what we aim for due to various factors. One of the major factors that deprive us of trying and going for our passion is that we do not have the courage to take a risk, or we are too scared of failing that we do not even want to try. However, when you have a strong dream, and no fear of failing, it is then when most of the highest ambitions are accomplished in life. The story of Harpreet Kaur is just the same.

Harpreet Kaur is the founder of a venture which is called Love 4 Apple. She had this idea of creating her own business where she could cater to the needs of the customers who demand products which are related to the company Apple. This is pretty clear from the name of her venture which is Love 4 Apple. The platform basically caters those people who wish to buy the products which are associated with Apple products, mobile phones, iPads, and more. people who love Apple products can find almost everything and anything about their device and related accessories as and when they want.

However, this is not how she planned it. she had a totally different thing in her mind. She started this portal of hers just like that. She had started this e-commerce website of hers in the year 2013. All that she had in mind was that she wanted to bring to the people genuine Apple products in India as there was quite a lack of the same in the country. All people had with them were the first copy products or fake copies. She wanted to bring in the collection of original products. So, she started this venture where she could sell products which are exclusive to Apple.

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Although, she started this website of hers only an experiment, however, fate and her hard work worked in her favor and this turned out to be a full-fledged venture and Love 4 Apple turned out to become the sole distributor of genuine Apple products in the country. The company has now set up a manufacturing unit for iPad and iPhone covers which are made in house by a lot of designers un an entire line of range. This has also helped a lot of designers and creative artists in showcasing their skill and talent at such a platform.

The hard work, time, and will power, she put in hr venture showed results and she became what he always wanted to, the boss of her own. She took the opportunity which was thrown at her and made the most out of it. We all have a skill set within us, but what we fail to do is realize what it is and do something about it. Well, like every entrepreneur has it in themselves, they are not afraid of trying and this is exactly what Harpreet did and she was pretty well able to accomplish what she had in mind.

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