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Horse-racing – The Most Popular Betting Sport in India

Horse racing is popular in India, with sporting events held there over the past two centuries which continue today across nine main racecourses and seven turf clubs. Betting on the horses has increased interest in the sport even though there have been questions about the legality of betting on horses. Yet, India is now part of the billion-dollar global betting industry and horse racing is a lucrative sport for some punters who follow detailed information from bookies which gives them an upper hand whilst also offering diverse bets.

Best betting platform

Whilst some luck is involved, this is not blind luck as in other forms of betting. Sportsbooks like 1xbet will offer odds on famous horses like Salazaar, Multifaceted and Shesmyscript, which should be the obvious picks for the November 2020 races at Bangalore, though CosmicRay, DreamCatcher and KnightTemplar can surprise. 1xbet is one of the best betting platforms in the world.

Popular horse races in India

The most popular horse races in India are the classics, including the Indian Derby, the Indian 1,000, and the Bangalore Derby. Sportsbooks will offer odds on all runners, based on a depth of knowledge that comes from following the sport, understanding horses, categories and forms going into an event.

There are numerous events in horse racing across the globe at any time of year, including the Kentucky Derby in the US, the Cheltenham Festival in the UK, the Dubai World Cup and the Melbourne Cup in Australia. Some punters bet blind, picking horses based on their name or published odds. Some are rewarded with beginner’s luck, but to continually win, punters spend some time researching the horses and jockeys before placing a bet.

Online betting sites

Many punters start their research by reading horse racing pages that feature all of the day’s big meetings from across the world. This information can also be found online via sites such as as well as details of future races, including major meetings that are among the highlights of the sporting calendar, including the annual Grand National at Aintree, in the UK. Some of the bookmakers allow customers to bet in rupees which means that no money is lost on a currency conversion, whilst also offering other payment options including cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

Welcome offers

Before checking out horse racing odds online, check out the welcome offers available to new sign-ups on the site. By opening an account, you can trigger a welcome bonus (also known as a sign-up offer) which can include a deposit match bonus up to a certain amount (some offer INR2,500) which is usually calculated via a generous percentage match bonus, often 100% of your initial deposit. Shop around and you can find some of the best odds online at the same time as collecting a welcome bonus.

Types of bets in horse racing

Bets in horse racing are far more than a simple bet on which horse will win. You can also “each way” which means half the stake is placed on the horse winning and the other half is bet on the horse achieving a place, which usually means that it comes in the top three. A simple bet that the horse gets a place in the top three means the amount paid out does not increase if they win.

If you want to aim high, a Jackpot bet is where a bet is placed on predicted winners of all four races that comprise the Jackpot. One or more horses can be selected in each of the 4 races and if successful a huge sum of money can be won. A simpler form is a forecast bet where the top two or three finishers in a horse race. Accumulators also offer the potential to win a large profit. With accumulators, a horse, or horses, are chosen to finish first, second or third in each of the seven races that comprise the Accumulator. If all finish in the top three, the bet can be won many times.

Betting terms in India

There are betting terms in India that are important if you want to play. Double is backing two horses and a treble is betting on three horses. A Quinella bet is not betting on five horses as the name suggests but is actually a bet on two horses in the same race

A Kenchi bet is where the punter selects winners from a minimum of three or a maximum of five races, whilst Tanala bets are where three horses are predicted to finish first, second and third in the race.

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