Idea behind “Answering One Free Question” concept

Samarpit Kanwatia, is a Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer with an experience of more than 20 years having numerous clients, pan world. His dealing with multiple clients, which include successful personalities from different professions, has made him well researched to deliver his clients whatever they expect of him. His clients irrespective of their different castes, religions and nationalities have always benefited from his knowledge. He has intense knowledge on Vastu and Numerology and while consulting a client he likes to mix all three (Astrology, Numerology, Vastu) and provide an overall guide to his client.

What is the intention or concept of ANSWERING ONE FREE QUESTION?

This concept of answering one free question asked by my clients was etched from the beginning. When I started professionally I was very sure that as astrologer I would want to reach out to maximum people and let them know about astrology.

I, at many stages saw people who had just one genuine query in their mind and they did not want to approach any astrologer out of fear of being sold pujas or gemstones or coming across a situation which could make them feel uncomfortable. My Answer a Free Question segment is for such kind of people. Today, people from various places and of various spectrums write to me and ask me their one question and get their answer. This, mainly being a service to those people who just want to know one thing about their life, then be it from any sphere of their life without having to pay anything for it.

When they get their results, they are assured, that they are being guided properly and when they come to me later, they follow my advice more sincerely and professionally which again helps them to resolve their issues. Here too when I guide my clients with astrological rituals and remedies, I always suggest them to get it done by their pandits and hire the services of their own vendors for the same, which again they feel comfortable about.

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This way, reaching to a larger number of people and solving their issues helps in eradicating sorrows in their lives and bring a smile and motivation in their life to do better.

Practising this for more than 20 years I am assured that the conviction we had started this with was right. Today, a lot of people benefit from this concept of mine and that too without even meeting me. I as an occult practioner feel satiated that I can do something for people, in my own very humble way. I strongly believe that when one is a practising professional of any kind of Vedic science one should work in a manner which should benefit our society and we can serve people around us.

But like all good deeds come with some hindrances, the problem I face here is that we only respond via website and there is a long queue of questions that is already accounted for. I being the sole person answering these queries take time to do so due to my pre-commitments. So when a client sends their query to us they expect immediate response which is not possible. The only humble request I make to all my clients is to have patience to get their response. Having said that the blessings we receive when we respond to the needy overshadows some of the bad experiences my team and I have to face.

The biggest service to mankind is to help resolve problems of people and if we as astrologers or occult science practioners can do this selflessly, I believe we will be blessed more by the lord almighty.

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To ask one free question log onto:                     

For consultations with Samarpit Sir call Sandhya on: +91 8104149913 / +91 9967026669

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