India Balances: New Cases Vs Recovery Rates Of COVID-19

Within the last 24 hours, India records 24,248 new cases causing India’s coronavirus total to near 7, 00,000, informs the union ministry of health and family. With the US and Brazil taking the top spot, India is expected to surpass Russia due to a sudden rise. The recent unlock-2 has been the main culprit for such a rise. Delhi remains the worst-hit cities in India. Many states are implementing new strategies to cope with COVID-19 since no measure seems to stop it from spreading. According to the report from the health ministry of India, people who are affected by coronavirus under age 50 is nearly 78%. When we find a way to control it’s spreading through preventive measure COVID-19 seems to be adopting different strategies to attack us. Until 4 July, 97, 89,066 samples were tested for the disease reports Indian Council of Medical Research. But thankfully there is a minimum rise in death number, tallying to 623 deaths within the last 24. Kerala government announced complete protection measures to be followed for a year. There is going to be a strict lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram for a week. In some states, additional restrictions have been implemented in areas or cities with high caseloads. But one thing that keeps India in optimism is its rising recovery rate. According to the health ministry, India reaches a 60.77 percent recovery rate.


Capital of India in turmoil:

Since India began lifting coronavirus restrictions and cases are surging the Capital New Delhi has become the worst affected city with health facility bucking under the strain of rising infection. Officials are rushing to extend testing to millions of residents. The sharp rising cases in Delhi has seen to be crowned “the coronavirus capital of India”. The government is being heavily criticized for its poor contact tracing and lack of medical facilities. Coronavirus in and itself is a huge problem. But we should think of implementing policies and facilities that aim to protect people from suffering. We should not halt the system or creating more chaos. In this state of Delhi, alone infections are expected to surge in the coming weeks. The government estimate shows that more peak would be reached by the end of July. In response, the Delhi authorities announced house to house coronavirus screening in the city itself. Coming door to door will help the government detect patients and this will help to curb the spread of coronavirus. People who have high temperatures are tested for coronavirus so that at least they have satisfaction for knowing whether they have coronavirus or not. If they are tested positive, they will know, if they came negative, they would not worry about it. Hospital facilities and shortage of beds are all reasons. Indian capital’s luxury hotels and the stadium could be turned to a field hospital. Even the spiritual center in Delhi is designated for conversion to a COVID-19 care facility.

This sudden rise has been observed especially after the unlock process began when the city of Delhi started coming out of its lockdown stage and a lot of economic activity was allowed to resume. We can see that people had more or less resumed their normal day to day life. Things to remember is that Delhi is one of the most populated cities not only in India but worldwide. The population density in the country is very high so it’s very easy and possible for large scale transforming to happen. And that’s what has exactly happened. More people are tested and more cases are coming forward. Government has launched a massive survey which plans to record the health detail of all Delhi’s 30 million residents. After it became evident that Delhi has become the most hit city in the country in terms of COVID-19 cases. These desperate measures were announced so the idea is to screen everyone household in the city which is a quite challenging task. Till the 1st week of July, starting with the containment center there will be more and more frontline health workers. Apart from that, they would be conducting a test for anybody who appeals to have symptoms and more details will be collected and taken back to dispensaries. A large detailed report will be made that the government has a clear idea of what it’s dealing with. More police are being employed to maintain social distancing measures. In terms of infrastructure Delhi is well prepared. They do have enough beds, ICU, but many patients are still being turned down. It’s because of a lack of coordination between different government agencies and a lot of professionals are not coming forth because a number of them are scared that they do not even have insurance to pay for their treatment if in case they fall prey to COVID-19. Even though we have a lot of beds which are being arranged for, what we need more widely professional to handle it.

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These moves have come from weeks of trampling for measures by both the state and national governments to avoid major health care disasters in Delhi city. People are scared to even step out to groceries in the fear of the pandemic. As a part of its revamp strategy to have the spread of cases the Delhi government is taking a range of measures: they include increase testing and contact tracing, and antibody testing, developing a plasma bank, and providing oxymeters to COVID-19 patient. The government is simultaneously trying to ramp up its health care infrastructure. The daily testing for COVID-19 has increased significantly. The state government says it is now conducting 20,000 tests every day, apart from plans of starting rapid antigen testing which allows for faster diagnosis of the sample, regular testing camps are also being set up especially in coronavirus hot stops known as containment zone.

Because of increased testing, more and more cases are detected now. As testing facilities are increased you can go and get tested in hospitals and laboratories. But you need to be sure of the symptoms, you do need a doctor’s prescription because at the moment only high-risk category people and people who are showing symptoms are being informed to go and get tested. And in other places which are crowded, the government is organizing regular testing camps where very 100 and 200 people are getting tested regularly every day. And the test used is a rapid antigen test which shows the result in about 30 minutes so positive cases are quickly separated into isolation camps or send to a quarantine center. But as we can see India is showing both increases in many cases every day as well as recovery rate. And with the vaccine candidate being tested for 1 crore people, for now, it is surely stirring up and support from people across the country. All we do could do is see the positive signs and hold on to for good results.

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