Indian Railway Cancels All Tickets Booked To Travel On Or Before 30 June.

Indian Railways have cancelled all tickets booked for travel on or before 30th June in regular passenger trains. Railways have said that the operation of labour and special trains will continue. All tickets booked till 30th June 2020 have been refunded to the passengers. Railways have started keeping a record of the addresses of the destinations of all passengers who booked tickets on IRCTC website to ascertain the people who have come in contact with them if coronavirus infection is confirmed later. Officials said, the provision for inclusion of the address of the destination on IRCTC website has been made from 13th May’ 2020. Railway spokesperson R D Vajpayee said, “IRCTC is taking up the destinations of all passengers booking tickets from May 13. If there is a need later, it will help in locating the people who have come in contact with the passengers.”
He said it will be applicable in the near future also. Vajpayee said that keeping in view the Coronavirus epidemic, passengers will have to provide their address information for any booking. Earlier, at least 12 people travelling in trains were later found infected with coronavirus.
So far, 2,34,411 passengers have booked tickets in special trains launched by railways. Indian Railways has said that it has earned a total of Rs 45.30 crore so far under the Passenger Reservation System (PRS). But now the book tickets for all trains have been cancelled uptil June. Let us say that due to lockdown, railway workers are running special trains for migrant labourers stranded in various states. Besides, railways have also launched Rajdhani special trains.
Railways have operated 642 labour special trains which started from 1 May 2020, which has transported eight lakh migrant labourers stranded due to lockdown in different parts of the country. This information was given by officials on Wednesday. Most of these trains (301) arrived in Uttar Pradesh and thereafter Bihar (169).In other states, 53 trains in Madhya Pradesh, 40 trains in Jharkhand, 38 in Odisha, eight in Rajasthan, seven in West Bengal, six in Chhattisgarh and four trains in Uttarakhand arrived. Three trains arrived in Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra, while one train each arrived in Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Manipur, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Tripura.

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